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The Maine Boating Facilities public boat access site data is available, geographically referenced, via Google Earth. If you want to use our full version of Google Earth, it is available through the link located below.

Maine Boating Facilities - Google Earth Full Version

The Maine Boating Facilities Program offers public boat access site data, geographically referenced, via Google Earth. In order to view the full version of our access sites, you must have Google Earth already installed on your PC. For general help using Google Earth go to the Google Earth Help Center. For help using our Google Earth files, please visit our special Google Earth User Guide. Accessibility - the Google Earth maps are a visual tool. The same site data available in our Google Earth maps can be reviewed by visiting our Public Boat Launches webpage.

The public access site data displayed in these files are public access sites where either the Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry or the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife or other state agency has been involved in funding, or where the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has required a power dam owner to provide public boat access as a condition of their license. There are hundreds of other boat sites in Maine. Some are private and some are owned and operated by local municipalities. If the State or FERC has not funded or directed these sites to be built, they are not listed in our database.

The only way to have the most current information is to launch these files from our website. If you have previously downloaded our files, it is recommended you delete them and clear your browser history before launching our maps. If you choose to save these files to your hard drive, please keep in mind this information changes without warning.

With this map, you can locate the site(s) you are interested in by typing the water body or town name in the "Fly To" search box located in Google Earth. You can also search for other sites, review information about each site, create "driving directions," and more.

The data may take a few seconds to load depending on your connection speed.

Launch The Full Version of Our Google Earth Access Site map here.Launch The Full Version of Our Google Earth Access Site map here.
You must have Google Earth already installed on your PC
(The full version includes various search options)

Downloading Data: For GIS Users who would like to download this dataset, click on Maine Public Boating Facilities link in the Google Earth table of contents (Places window). In the balloon, there is a link to a .txt file with attribute data and spatial coordinates that can be imported into most GIS systems.

Feedback: If you would like to comment on the use of Google Earth, provide suggestions for improving the functionality or report problems please email the webmaster at the link below.


- The Maine DACF is only providing this data to be used in the Google Earth application on the user's computer. We are not responsible for installing or maintaining Google Earth software products.

- The Google Earth imagery dates provided do not necessarily represent the date the image was captured but show the date the imagery was processed and deployed.

- For questions regarding data content or data accuracy please contact the Boating Facilities Program at 207-287-4952. You can also contact the webmaster at the link below.

- This data is for visual representation only and may not contain all data that is available by contacting the DOC directly.

Our Contact Information:

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