Domestic Violence

Dayton Man Facing Multiple Charges

A Dayton man is facing 8 charges after being arrested.

On Nov. 6, 2020, Maine State Police Troopers in Troop A were dispatched to an address in Dayton for a report that Rock Varnum, 50, of Dayton, had assaulted his partner, threatened to kill her, burn down the house, and also attacked another female at the scene with a knife leaving her with injuries. Varnum initially fled the area on an ATV prior to Troopers' arrival. While State Police were investigating the incident Varnum returned on his ATV, highly intoxicated. Varnum was uncooperative with Troopers and was taken into custody after a brief struggle. Varnum was then transported to the hospital. While being transported by Rescue personnel he continued to threaten them with physical harm. 

After Varnum was released from the hospital he was transported to the York County Jail where he was charged with the following offenses: Aggravated Assault (Class B); Domestic Violence Assault (Class D); Two Counts of Criminal Terrorizing (Class D); Domestic Violence Terrorizing (Class D); Operating under the influence of Alcohol(refusal to submit to test) (Class D); Refusing to submit to arrest or detention (Class D); and Disorderly Conduct (Class E).

Suspect punches Trooper and escapes from cruiser in Hollis

Sharleen Hoffman, 29, of Hollis

On Feb. 12, 2020 at approximately 1:40 a.m. , Troopers out of Troop A responded to the town of Hollis for a reported female breaking her ex-boyfriend’s truck windows with a pipe.

Upon arrival, the female identified as Sharleen Hoffman, 29, of Hollis, was no longer on scene. An on-scene investigation showed probable cause for charges of Criminal Trespass Class D and Criminal Mischief Class D. Troopers located Hoffman at her residence where she and other members of the household were highly uncooperative.

Hoffman punched her mother and one of the responding Troopers in the face while at her residence. Hoffman was taken into custody. While Troopers returned to speak with the family, Hoffman escaped the cruiser and fled the scene. She was located shortly after and taken back into custody.

Hoffman was transported to the York County Jail where she continued to be uncooperative and violent. Bail was listed at $2500 and the following charges are pending: Domestic Violence Assault Class D, Assault Class D, Criminal Trespass Class D, Criminal Mischief Class D, Refusing to Submit Class D, and Escape from Custody Class D.

Alfred Domestic Violence Arrest

Thomas Proia, 44, of Alfred

An Alfred man is facing Domestic Violence charges after a disturbance in the early morning of Nov. 26.

On November 26, 2019, at approximately 3:30 a.m., State Police out of Troop A were called to a residence on the Sanford Road in Alfred for a domestic disturbance. Dispatch advised Troopers that a woman reported an assault and the line was disconnected.

State Police and Deputies from the York County Sheriff’s Department responded to the home and found a female bleeding with facial injuries. As a result of the investigation, Thomas Proia, 44, of Alfred, was arrested.  The victim was transported to Southern Maine Health Care in Sanford for her injuries.

Proia was charged with Aggravated Assault (Domestic Violence) Obstructing Criminal Prosecution, and for a Probation Violation. He was transported to the York County Jail where is being held without bail. He will make his first court appearance on Wednesday at 10 a.m. in Springvale District Court.

Proia has a violent criminal history that included an incident in 2015 in which he was convicted of Domestic Violence Reckless Conduct with a firearm, Aggravated Assault ,and Gross Sexual Assault. During that incident Proia fired off several gunshots in his house before fleeing and being arrested near his home after assaulting his neighbor with a rock. In April of 2019, Proia was arrested in Salisbury, Massachusetts by the Massachusetts State Police and was charged with Conspiracy to Violate drug laws, carrying a dangerous weapon, Operating after Suspension, and an outstanding warrant for OUI.

Lebanon Man arrested on Various Charges

Dominic Romero, 55, of Lebanon

Maine State Police arrested a Lebanon Man on number of charges after domestic incident.

On October 19, 2019, Maine State Police out of Troop A responded to a residence on Smith Road, in Lebanon for a reported domestic violence assault. After Troopers arrived, they met with Dominic Romero, 55, of Lebanon, who was intoxicated and yelling obscenities. While speaking with Troopers, Romero exposed himself twice to a Trooper in front of the residence.

Troopers arrested Romero and continued their investigation. Troopers learned that Romero had been drinking since 3:00 am and had been destroying property inside of the house. Romero had burned a family member's property in the driveway. Romero also flushed another family member's prescription medication down the toilet. When confronted about the property destruction, Romero assaulted a member of his family.

As a result, Romero was charged with Arson, Criminal Mischief, Indecent Conduct, Stealing Drugs, Disorderly Conduct, and Domestic Violence Assault. Bail was set at $15,000 on the charges. Romero is expected to appear at Springvale District Court on Monday at 1 p.m.

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