CACFP Applicant Training

This training is for new applicants as well as new staff who will be working with CACFP. New institutions wanting to participate in CACFP must attend the live training and complete an online contract with the State in order to be eligible to participate in CACFP. Below are handouts provided for the Applicant Training. These are the forms and the information that you will use for your daily CACFP operations.

2020-2021 Child Care Center Parent IEF Letter
50 Snack Ideas
Annual Staff Training Form
Build for the Future
CACFP Best Practices
CACFP Calculating Sugar Limits in Cereal
CACFP Calculating Sugar Limits in Yogurt
CACFP Child and Adult Meals
CACFP Choose Cereal Lower in Sugar
CACFP Choose Yogurt
CACFP Grain Based Desserts
CACFP Offer vs Serve
CACFP Organizational Structure
CACFP Rates for July 2020 to June 2021
CACFP Staff Contact Info and Helpful Links
Child Portion Menu Instructions
Child Nutrition Labels
Daily Infant Sheet
Daily Infant Sheet Example, 0-5 Months
Daily Infant Sheet Example, 6-11 Months
Dietary Restriction Substitution Statement
Free, Reduced, Paid Form
Growing a Healthier Future with CACFP
Health-Safety Standards
Identifying Whole Grain Rich
Income Guidelines July 2020 to June 2021
Infant Meals
Infant Portion Menu Instructions
Infant Portion Menu
Lower Costs
Meal Count Form
Milk Substitutes Q & A
New Adult Food Chart
New Child Food Chart
New Infant Food Chart
Nutrient Plus
Portion Menu Sample
Pre-K Food Chart
Sample Meals for Adults
Sample Meals for Ages 1-2
Sample Meals for Ages 3-5
Sample Meals for Ages 6-18
Serving Milk In CACFP
Whole Grain Rich Product List
WIC Income Guidelines
WIC Participant Food List