Child Nutrition Training


If you have questions regarding any of our trainings, please contact a member of the Child Nutrition staff.

Back to Basics Handbook (Updated 8/7/2023)

Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

Administrative Review Procedure Changes & Updates (40:00) - 2020
CACFP Claim Demo (60:00) - 2019
 Filing Your Claim & Preparing Your Desk Audit (35:00) - 2020

For additional CACFP training, please use this link to visit the CACFP pages.


Please use this link to find information and webinars for CNPWeb.


Please use this link to find information and webinars for Financial Reporting.

National School Lunch Program (NSLP)

After you have watched a webinar, print off the Certificate of Completion, located below the webinars, add your name to it and keep it on file to document your training hours. There is no need to submit these to our office as we do not track training hours.

A review of traditional NSLP (15:00) 3/3/2022
A review of traditional NSLP (pdf)

Breakfast (15:00) - (Recorded SY22)
Counting & Claiming Reimbursable Meals (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Crediting Meal Components (30:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Determining Student Eligibility for Free and Reduced-Priced Meals (30:00) - (Recorded SY22) pdf
Dietary Accommodations (30:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Ensuring Student Access to School Meals (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Food Safety and HACCP Plans (30:00) - (Recorded SY21)
Informal Procurement (30:00) (Recorded SY21)
Introduction to Child Nutrition Programs (15:00) - (Recorded SY21)  
Local Foods (30:00) - (Recorded SY23) 
Local Wellness Policies (15:00) -  (Recorded SY21)
NOI (40:00) - (Recorded SY20) 
Offer Versus Serve (30:00) - (Recorded SY21)
Onsite Monitoring Requirements (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Procurement Basics (15:00) - (Recorded SY21)
Procurement Review Training (45:00) (Recorded SY21) 
Production Records (15:00) - (Recorded SY21)
Professional Standards (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Resource Management (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Smart Snacks (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Standardized Recipes (15:00) - (Recorded SY21)
The School Breakfast Program (15:00) - (Recorded SY21)  
The School Lunch Program (30:00) - (Recorded SY21)
Triennial Assessment of the Local Wellness Policy (15:00) - (Recorded SY21) 
Whole Grains (10:00) - (Recorded SY23)

New Director Bootcamp 

The following presentations are from the SY2024 New Director Bootcamp

Additional Requirements
Civil Rights Requirements - this is an overview of Civil Rights and does not count as the required annual training. You can find the training on the Civil Rights page of our website. 

Determining Student Eligibility
Meal or No Meal
Meal Accommodations
Meal Counting 
Meal Pattern Overview
Navigating CNPWeb
Overview of Child Nutrition Programs
Procurement 101
Professional Standards
Resource Management
Smart Snacks
USDA Foods and NOI


Breakfast Program Quick Guide
Breakfast Program Meal Pattern
Exhibit A
Harvest School Cafe Breakfast Menu 9-12
Harvest School Cafe Lunch Menu K-8
Key Terms and Definitions
NSLP Quick Guide
Offer vs Serve Breakfast Tip Sheet
Offer vs Serve Lunch Tip Sheet
Production Record
Special Dietary Need Quick Guide
SY24 Maine Eligibility Quick Reference Guide
Vegetable Subgroup


These classes are for Maine School Food Service workers only

For Maine Child Nutrition to travel to your District to present a ServSafe class the following requirements must be meet:

-A minimum of 15 students
-Registrants from a minimum of 3 Districts
-A screen to project onto
-The room the training will be conducted in is not a pass through to someplace else.
-Signage on the doors “Class in Session: Do not Disturb”
-Room for individuals to separate during the exam. People cannot sit next to someone else. Think social distancing


The class and test will be over two (2) days, either:

-A full day with the test on the next day or,
-Start at noon on the first day and finish in the morning on the second day.

The cost for a full class which includes the book and answer sheet is $102.  If a person has a current book and is retesting, the cost is $51.00 for an answer sheet.

Once a class is scheduled it will be posted to the Child Nutrition Thursday update and on the Events page of the Child Nutrition website.

Registration for the class ends two weeks before the day of the class.  Books will be ordered the day after registration ends. offers a class and the ability to take the exam online.  In order for the exam to be taken online the device used must have a working camera.  The person taking the exam must be visible to the proctor.

ServSafe Posters

Basic Food Safety Practices Checklist
Food Safety Basics Comprehensive Chart
Restaurant Manager's Guide to Passing a Health Inspection
Self-inspection Checklist
Developing a Culture of Food Safety-Manager's Edition
Culture of Food Safety Scorecard
Developing a Culture of Food Safety
Big 9 Allergens

Child Nutrition Updates
June 12, 2023 - End of Year Wrap-up
June 12, 2023 - End of Year Wrap-up (pdf)

Webinar on Economic Disadvantaged Data Collection (Special Provision II) - March 20, 2023
Webinar on Economic Disadvantaged Data Collection (Special Provision II) - March 20, 2023 (pdf)

Please use this link to find Verification information and webinars

Fall Info Meeting

Best Practices for FFVP and After School Snack
Breakfast After the Bell
Federal Funds and Your School Nutrition Program
Local Foods


Training Resources