Child Nutrition Training

CACFP training can be found on the CACFP Resource page. 

If you have questions regarding any of our trainings, please contact a member of the Child Nutrition staff.

Back to Basics SY2021

Back to Basics Handbook (Updated 7/24/2020)

Toolkit of Resource Materials

Increase Meal participation-Resources for Food Service Directors (pdf)
Manage Your Message-Social Media Templates (Word)
Your Voice Matters! - Graphic for Student Survey (jpg)
Your Voice Matters! - Graphic for Student Survey (pdf)
Student Survey Poster and Template (pdf)
Report on School Meal Participation Survey (pdf)

National School Lunch Program Webinars

After you have watched a webinar, print off the Certificate of Completion, located below the webinars, add your name to it and keep it on file to document your training hours. There is no need to submit these to our office as we do not track training hours.

Common Review Findings  (15:00) - (SY20)
Counting & Claiming Reimbursable Meals (15:00) - (SY21) 
Crediting Meal Components (30:00) - (SY21) 
Determining Student Eligibility for Free and Reduced-Priced Meals (60:00) - (SY21) 
Dietary Accommodations (30:00) - (SY21) 
Ensuring Student Access to School Meals (15:00) - (SY21) 
Financial: Know Your Numbers (15:00) (SY19) 
Food Safety and HACCP Plans (30:00) - (SY21)
Informal Procurement (30:00) (SY21)
Introduction to Child Nutrition Programs (15:00) - (SY21)  
Legislative Update (45:00) - SY21)
Local Foods (30:00) - (SY21) 
Local Wellness Policies (15:00) -  (SY21)
NOI (40:00) - (SY21) 
Offer Versus Serve (30:00) - (SY21)
Onsite Monitoring Requirements (15:00) - (SY21) 
Procurement Basics (15:00) - (SY21)
Procurement Review Training (45:00) (SY21) 
Production Records (15:00) - (SY21)
Professional Standards (15:00) - (SY21) 
Resource Management (15:00) - (SY21) 
Smart Snacks (15:00) - (SY21) 
Standardized Recipes (15:00) - (SY21)
The School Breakfast Program (15:00) - (SY21)  
The School Lunch Program (30:00) - (SY21)
Triennial Assessment of the Local Wellness Policy (15:00) - (SY21) 
Understanding USDA Foods (15:00) - (SY21)  
Verification Training  (60:00) - (SY21) 

Fall Info Meeting SY21

Fall Info Meeting (2 Hours) - (SY21)
Equipment Demonstration (45:00) - SY21)

Certificate of Completion


Professional Standards

Child Nutrition Events Information on upcoming events of interest to school food service professionals.
Maine DOE Professional Development Calendar All DOE professional development hosted by the Department.
Professional Standards Training Database Lists more than 500 free or low-cost training opportunities for school nutrition professionals