Family-Centered Transition Curriculum Modules

These resource modules are an adapted version of the University of Maine's Center for Community Inclusion and Disability Study's Transition Planning Curriculum.  This curriculum was created to provide families with useful information and tools to support their youth or young adult with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) in achieving better transition outcomes. These strategies are based on effective evidence-based practices and research of positive transition outcomes.  For more information, please reach out to Mary Adley,

Module 1 - Introduction to Family-Center Transition

Module 1 PowerPoint

Module 2 - Visions of Support

Module 2 PowerPoint

Module 3 - Supporting Transition with Person-Centered Planning - Part 1

Module 3 PowerPoint

Module 4 - Supporting Transition with Person-Centered Planning - Part 2

Module 4 PowerPoint

Module 5 - Funding Home and Community-Based Supports

Module 5 PowerPoint

Module 6 - Exploring Assistive Technology

Module 6 PowerPoint

Module 7 - Enhancing Self-Determination

Module 7 PowerPoint