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Daily Guidance Recorded Zoom Meetings
06.09.2020 What will it cost to reopen schools?  
06.03.2020 School psych schedule & MTSS 4 part series  
05.28.2020 Consider Access More Broadly
05.27.2020 PBIS Handling behaviors remotely & home and school PBIS0 guide
05.26.2020 Considerations for Resuming In-Person Instruction
 05.22.2020 Formative Assessment Strategies
Local Entitlement Application Training PowerPoint
05.21.2020 Local Entitlement Info & Psychologist Presentation
05.20.2020 MPF and MTSS/PBIS/Trauma-Informed Resources
ESY Comp Ed Comparison
05.19.2020 SPPS Calendars
IDEA MOE- COVID PowerPoint- Barbara McGowen
05.18.2020 MOE Presentation
05.15.2020 Arizona Guidance
05.12.2020 CASE/CEC and SLP Survey
05.07.2020 ESY, DVR, and DBVI
05.06.2020 Webinar Opportunity
05.05.2020 Do's and Don'ts of the 4 Priorities
05.04.2020 IDEA narrow, temp, and targeted flexibilities
05.01.2020 Stress and Coping
04.30.2020 Bear Shea's Presentation Remote Learning and Mental Health Considerations
04.30.2020 Social Work Services
04.27.2020 Future Services Considerations
04.16.2020 Graduation, School Psy and helpful links
04.15.2020 Success and Support
04.13.2020 IEP Guidance continued
04.10.2020 OT/PT Guidance
04.09.2020 School Psychology guidance
04.08.2020 Speech-Language Therapy
04.07.2020 Free PD opportunity 
04.01.2020 PBIS
03.31.2020 Referrals
03.30.2020 Use of Federal Funds during COVID-19
03.26.2020 MaineCare Guidance and Telehealth COVID-19
Webinar Name Webinar Link
Regional Program Desk Audit Webinar 01/30/2020
Disproportionality 01/03/2020
Maine's Alternative Certification Implementation Webinar
Creating a 1% Action Plan 10/24/2019         1% Action Plan Webinar

Education Services for Blind and Visually Impaired Children presented by Nancy Moulton & Lore Roesch 05/10/2019

         DBVI Services for Students - Nancy Moulton & Lore Roesch

MaineCare Seed 03/08/2019
Written Notice 02/08/2019        Written Notice 02/08/2019 Webinar - Roberta Lucas & Dan Hemdal 
State Agency Client Reimbursement 01/25/2019        SAC Reimbursement Zoom Webinar
1% Webinar Training (01/2019)

EFS04 and SPPS billing

EFS04 and SPPS billing

Unified English Braille (EUB)

SPPS/Regional Programs Reporting

Dyslexia for Hearing Officers

Updated Referral Form

Updated Referral Form

SPPS - 18-19 Monitoring


Team B Co-Hort

Working with Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Late Deafened Students
Working with students with a trauma history

Educational Surrogate Parent Program

Transition from Children’s to Adult Services

Local Entitlement Training 2018 May 2

Fiscal Training Webinar May 2

April 30, 20,18 Fiscal Webinar

Local Entitlement Training 2018

LE FY 19 App & FY18 YER

Children’s Medications

Maine’s Alternative Certification and Mentoring Program

How to work with children involved in the child welfare system

MSAA Test Coordinators Training

2018 Special Considerations

Empower test Security

Mainecare Seed

   1% Support Webinar (09/2019)