FFA Forms & Resources

The following forms, publications and resources are related to opportunities with the Maine FFA Association. To see recent Maine recipients of some of these honors, visit the Award Winners web page.

Please check back for more forms and resources, including FFA state officer applications and trainings, as new items are being added frequently.

Awards & Scholarships

  • National FFA Chapter Award. Recognizes outstanding chapters at the state and national levels.
  • Proficiency Awards. Recognize out-of-class-related accomplishments of Maine FFA members.
  • Star Awards. Recognition of superior accomplishment by FFA members involved in out-of-class activities. Applicants must also have completed State FFA Degree application. Please see “Star Battery” form provided at National FFA website. 
  • SAE Agreement Form (Excel, 85K)
  • Ronald P. Guerrette Scholarship Application (DOC, 85K; PDF 163K). $1,000 scholarship offered to Maine FFA member preparing to pursue a year of post-secondary education and a career related to agriculture/natural resources, with a preference to production agriculture but with eligibility for studies and career related to any National FFA proficiency award area other than "Home and/or Community Development."  Due March 1st and provided on a one-time basis to students pursuing an upcoming year of post-secondary education.
  • Maine Association of Agricultural Fairs Scholarships - two $1,000 scholarships to graduating seniors pursuing a post-secondary education in an agriculture-related field.  For more information, see listing at Financial Authority of Maine (FAME)
  • Maine Potato Board Scholarship - $500 scholarship to students pursuing a career in Agriculture, Agri-Business or Natural Resources.  Application due March 21,2023.  For more information, contact:  mainepotatoes@mainepotatoes.com
  • Maine State Grange Scholarship - $500 scholarship for Maine high school senior applicants pursuing a career in agriculture or in an agriculturally related field.  Due in mid-April.  See About the Grange / Grange Scholarships at:  http://mainestategrange.org/ 
  • For Further Scholarships related to Agriculture, see:  Finance Authority of Maine (FAME):  Agricultural Scholarships
  • Chapter FFA Advisor of the Year (DOC, 40K; PDF, 14K). Recognizes outstanding performance of a chapter advisor as indicated by his/her student members.
  • Outstanding Chapter Officer (DOC, 83K; PDF, 104K; Fillable PDF, 361 K). Recognition based on nomination by chapter FFA advisor of chapter officer with exceptional qualities and accomplishments.


FFA Conferences

  • Base Camp Conference (DOC, 58K; PDF, 127K). Annual initial training event for new State FFA Officers, as well as selected Chapter FFA Officers. 
  • Washington Leadership Conference (DOC, 73K; PDF, 143K; Fillable PDF, 331K). One-week summer trainings provided by the National FFA Organization in Washington, D.C. for which a limited number of scholarships (not including travel) are available.

FFA Conventions

  • National FFA Convention. Annual event attended by over 70,000 FFA members. Please see National FFA website for questions from past years’ competitions.
  • 2023 State FFA Convention Career Development Event Formats. A list of the competitive events to be conducted at the State FFA Convention.                                                                                                                
    • Ag Sales- (DOC,  PDF)
    • Agriscience Fair-
      • Updated Handbook (PDF)
      • Grades 7-8  (DOC, 194K;  PDF, 282K)
      • Grades 9-12  (DOC, 193K;  PDF, 230K)
    • Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems, Format: DOCPDF 
        • Welding Log (due with registration) - PDF - 408KB
        • Welding Safety Quick Guide - PDF - 390KB
        • Basics of Welding Safety - PDF - 725KBWelding Safety Test (100% required prior to event) - DOC, 17 KB - PDF, 97 KB
        • Welding Safety Answer Key - DOC, 17 KB - PDF, 98 KB)
        • Tool ID Quiz - Powerpoint - 2.2MB, PDF-1.3MB
        • Tool ID KEY - Powerpoint - 2.2MB, PDF-1.3MB
        • Practice General Knowledge Exam - DOC - 30KB, PDF-124KB
        • Briggs & Stratton Engine Manual - PDF-1.89MB
        • Engine Parts ID reference - DOC - 1.15 MB, PDF - 473 KB
    • Creed-DOC,  PDF), Creed Questions
    • Dairy Cattle Evaluation -  (DOC, 45K; PDF, 65K)
      • Dairy Cattle - Instructional video by Dr. David Marcinkowski, University of Maine Cooperative Extension: Link to mp4 (957.852 MB)
    • Discussion Meet:  Manual (PDF, 458K);  Resource Guide (DOC, 22K; PDF, 136K); DiscussionMeetTopics.pdf
    • Employability Skills Format  (DOC 239K; PDF, 254K) - (refer to job listings at end of format)
    • Environment and Natural Resources -  Format (DOC, 17K;  PDF, 105K)
      • Practice Test I - PDF (379K);  Practice Test I KEY - PDF (304K);  Practice Test II - PDF (402K);  Practice Test II KEY - PDF (516K);  Practice Test III - PDF (334K);  Practice Test III KEY - PDF (68K)
      • Team Challenge: Students will be presented a challenge the day of the event and will work in teams to address the challenge in the form of a presentation. Materials will be provided.
    • Extemporaneous Public Speaking Format -  (DOC, 90K; PDF, 160K)
    • Extemporaneous Speaking Skills Format -  (DOC, 99K; PDF, 175K)
    • Farm Business Management - Format:  (DOC, 53K; PDF, 78K)
    • Horse Evaluation - (DOC, 25K; PDF, 55K)
    • Introductory Extemporaneous Public Speaking 2023 (DOC, 91K: PDF, 161K)
    • Floriculture- (DOC, 50K; PDF, 72K)
    • Forestry -  (DOC, 56K; PDF, 103K)
    • Livestock Evaluation
    • Middle School Quiz Bowl - Format (DOC, 19K;  PDF, 79K)
      • Middle School Quiz Bowl Question Bank (EXE, 23)
    • Nursery and Landscape Management- (DOC, 42K;  PDF, 164K)
    • Safe Tractor Driving- (DOC, 260K;  PDF,  305K) 
      • Equipment Driving Log (Due completed with registration) -( DOC, 133K;  PDF, 111K  )
    • Prepared Speaking Skills-(DOC, 77K; PDF, 159K)         
    • Prepared Public Speaking-(DOC, 80K; PDF, 162K)
    • Introductory Prepared Public Speaking (DOC, 79K; PDF, 162K)
    • Veterinary Science Event -  (DOC, 39K;  PDF, 61K)
      • General Knowledge Test and Calculations Test questions taken from following question bank:
        • General Knowledge & Math Question Bank 1 (PDF, 760 KB, Excel, 1.3 MB) - ANSWER Version (PDF, 882 KB, Excel, 1.3 MB)
      • NEW* Identifications: Students will be given photos and asked to identify tools/equipment, breeds, and parasites.  This new portion will utilize the list provided by the National FFA:  Identification.pdf

State FFA Officers