Exploring the Legislature

Here, you'll learn how to contact your state senator or representative by phone or email and, if you plan to visit, find driving direction to the statehouse in Augusta. The writer's guide will help you write to your legislator and it provides important tips on what to include in your letter.

If you visit the statehouse, the Guide to Testifying will guide you through the public hearing process and help you prepare your testimony, for presentation in front of a legislative committee. Law Talk will help you understand the terms that you'll hear at the state house and in public hearings.

Legislative committees, town councils and school boards have to agree on certain rules of behavior to get their work done. Without rules, their meetings would be confusing or chaotic. So, many groups adopt Robert's Rules of Order for their procedures. The Parliamentary Procedures page will provide you with links to online sources to help you understand the process for running a meeting in an orderly way.

If you can't visit the statehouse, and want to listen to a to public hearing or legislative debate in the House of Representatives or Senate chambers visits our listen to the legislature link.