Eighth Grade Citizenship Award Program

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Access with 2025 logins mailed to your school in late April

The Secretary of State's Eighth Grade Citizenship Award Program is an annual effort designed to honor Maine students for their civic awareness, scholastic achievements and community service. In 2024, 116 schools recognized an eighth grader for outstanding citizenship qualities.

This award seeks to inspire students to become active citizens. Because civic responsibility developed at an early age usually continues throughout a lifetime, we believe it's important to encourage young people to become engaged in their school and community.

Please consider nominating a student in 2025. This program can be a valuable part of your school's recognition of exceptional young citizens.

A letter containing an online application login will be mailed to all schools in April. Submissions are due by May 16, 2025. Please allow two weeks to process your nomination.



This award recognizes ONE 8th grade student from each Maine school who demonstrates the qualities of active participation in civic or community activities, good scholarship and school involvement. The selected student will be presented with a certificate recognizing his or her achievement.

The following criteria should be used as a guideline in selecting students for this award:

  1. Volunteer service to the community (service to health care facilities, senior groups, shelters, day care centers, etc.)
  2. Involvement in citizenship or character building organizations.
  3. A good scholastic record.
  4. Participation in student government programs and school activities.
  5. Faithful school attendance.
  6. Leadership qualities that motivate others to action for the benefit of the community.



Each school selects its own award recipient, using the citizenship award criteria. We recommend that students be invited to participate in the selection process, along with faculty members, in the hope that their involvement will foster an awareness of the importance of citizenship qualities among their peers.

The online nomination form must be completed and submitted to this office in order to participate in this program.

NOTE: The online application may timeout. Best practice is to type the student nomination information in separate document and paste it in the nomination block when completed.

Online Application