Animal Tracks

Courtesy of the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.
Prepared by Klir Beck, revised 1975 by Cindy House

Canada Lynx trackBobcat track

Mountain Lion trackHousecat track

Red Fox trackDog track

Coyote trackBlack bear track

Mink TracksMarten Tracks

Fisher TracksWeasel Tracks

Chipmunk TracksRed Squirrel Tracks

Gray Squirrel TracksCottontail Tracks

Snowshoe Hare TracksRaccoon Tracks

Skunk TracksBeaver Tracks

Porcupine TracksWoodchuck Tracks

Otter TracksMuskrat Tracks

Cow tracksWhitetail Tracks

Moose TracksPheasant Tracks

Ruffed Grouse TracksBald Eagle Tracks