Congressional Medal of Honor Project

Join the Secretary of State in paying tribute to those who served our Country with distinction! The Secretary of State, overseer of the State's documents and historical artifacts within the Maine State Archives, is working with local community and school groups to recognize Maine's Congressional Medal of Honor recipients with memorials in their home towns or places of burial. Additionally, we are working together to share information about these recipients and their memorials in a central location on our website.

What is the Congressional Medal of Honor?

The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government. Award recipients are honored for valor in action against an enemy force. The Medal of Honor is bestowed by the President in the name of Congress.

Learn how your School or Community Group can become involved

The Congressional Medal of Honor Projects is a great way to promote historical and civic awareness in your community and is a great Service Learning Project. Students or groups will study a local Congressional Medal of Honor recipient, work with the community to record an existing memorial or establish a memorial for the recipient. Research, design, public presentations, fundraising and an enduring memorial are the key elements of this project.

Although Congressional Medal of Honor recipients are singled out as "the bravest of the brave", many people are not aware of the stories of these forefathers from their own communities. You can help change that by taking steps below!

  • Find out if there is a Medal of Honor Recipient connected to your community. Click the Maine CMOH Recipients link to learn about recipients born or buried in your community or a neighboring community.
  • Check out the Project Overview and 10 Steps to a Successful Project to discover some helpful tips for planning your project.
  • Contact the Secretary of States office to register your project and for additional guidance and information. You can e-mail or call 626-8400.