Children's Books about Maine

The books featured on this page are provided as a sampling of the many children's books written about the State of Maine. The Secretary of State does not endorse the author, illustrator or publisher of these books.

Image of the book cover  Andre

by: Lew Dietz

The saga of Andre--the world-famous harbor seal who captured hearts everywhere--comes alive in this unforgettable story.

Image of book cover A Random Act of Kindness

A Random Act of Kindness
by: Nelson "Skip" Foley

A Random Act of Kindness Nelson "Skip" Foley At the end of the school year, Mrs. Smedmeyer gives her fifth-grade class a special assignment: they have to do something helpful for someone else. But there's a catch-the kids have to keep it a secret from the person they're helping. Tammy and Tommy Robins and their cousin Jeremy know exactly the person they want to help. His name is Mr. Mendabe, and he's a nice old man who is always smiling, despite his painful-looking limp, and who sometimes hands out lollipops. The three kids decide to mow his unkempt lawn. When they get to Mr. Mendabe's house, though, they realize the old man needs more than a neatly mown lawn. His porch is broken, his hedges are overgrown, his fence is falling down, and his roof is missing shingles. The kids are shocked but not discouraged. They're going to do their best for their friend, even if it means getting their whole class, their parents, and high-school kids involved.

Image of the book Baxter Bear and Moses Moose

Baxter Bear and Moses Moose
by: Evariste Bernier

Baxter has a peculiar hobby for a Maine bear (he collects hats), and Moses is not your typical moose (he has cold feet), and each has a problem to solve. In this charming tale of friendship, Moses and Baxter learn about sharing and cooperation. For ages 3 to 7.

Image of book cover Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for Sal
by: Robert McCloskey (1914 - 2003)

In fresh and captivating pictures the author-artist tells what happens on a summer day in Maine when a little girl and a bear cub, wandering away from their blueberry-picking mothers, each mistake the other's mother for its own. The Maine hillside and meadows are real and lively, the quiet humor is entirely childlike, and there is just exactly the right amount of suspense for small children
Image of book cover Counting Our Way to Maine

Counting Our Way to Maine
by: Maggie Smith

Pack your bag and count along as this engaging family gathers up one baby, two dogs, and three bicycles, and leaves the city behind. Their trip is full of things that make summer, and Maine, so special-building sand castles, picking blueberries, chasing fireflies, and more.

Image of the book cover Going Lobstering

Going Lobstering
by: Jerry Pallotta

Join Linda and Erik on their first lobstering expedition. It is an exciting and informative adventure at sea, where they learn about the age-old trade of lobstering and encounter a variety of sea life-including an uninvited shark!

How to Catch a Keeper


How to Catch a Keeper!
by: Stephanie Mulligan & Connie Rand

Luke and his sister Layla are headed to the Maine Coast for vacation. Their dad tells them about a lobster fishing tour boat, the Lucky Catch Luke and Layla can't wait to see what fun this boat ride will be!

Image of the book The Lobster Bill

The Lobster Bill
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Maine
by: Cherrie MacInnes

Join a crusading crustacean and a group of third graders from Brewer, Maine as they learn firsthand how a bill becomes a law in their state. This is the true story of how some intrepid elementary school students helped the lobster become the official state crustacean of Maine.

Image of the book cover I Met a Moose in Maine One Day

I Met a Moose in Maine One Day
by: Ed Shankman & Dave O'Neill

I met a moose in Maine one day. Just how it happened, I can't say....Join a pair of unlikely friends on this fun-filled tour of Maine.

Image of the book cover Island Alphabet

Island Alphabet
by: Kelly Paul Briggs

A charming, full-color alphabet book. Each letter features a Maine island.

Image of the book cover Island Boy

Island Boy
by: Barbara Cooney (1917-2000)

Matthias is the youngest son in a family of 12 children who live with their parents on Tibbetts Island, Maine.? This is the story of how Matthias grows from a little boy to a grandfather on this small island off the coast of Maine.

Image of the book cover The Jouirney of the Little Red Boat

The Journey of the Little Red Boat
by: George Smith

From its happy home, the little red boat is driven by rain, wind and tide on a journey down river. It has several emotional encounters with rocks, sailboats, a seal and cormorant birds. Finally the little red boat drifts into a cove where it is discovered and cared for by a little girl and her grandparents and finds a happy home once again.

Image of the book cover Journey Around Maine

Journey Around Maine
by: Martha Day Zschock

Follow the flight of a friendly chickadee as Maine's state bird take you on a "Journey Around Maine" one of the great states in the nation. Explorers of all ages will enjoy trekking through Maine's history and visiting amazing destinations -- from the craggy coast to the majestic peak of Mt. Katahdin. Amble up the Androscroggin, zoom down frozen slopes, and learn fun facts along the way!

Image of the book cover Keep the LIghts Burniing Abbie

Keep the Lights Burning Abbie
by: Peter Roop

Abbie Burgess and her family moved to Matinicus Rock, off the coast of Maine, in 1853 when her father became a lighthouse keeper there. On January 19, 1856, Captain Burgess went after desperately needed supplies for his family and oil for the lamps. He left Abbie in charge of the lights while he was gone. Soon after he sailed, a tremendous storm came up that lasted four weeks. During all that time, Abbie and her sisters took care of their sick mother, and Abbie kept the lights burning.

Image of the book cover A Kittery Kayaker

A Kittery Kayaker
by: Webster Bull & Jacqueline Decker

Twelve playful poems capture the fun and excitement of the great state of Maine! Go lobstering, explore in a kayak, or sail to Matinicus Rock. Paddle the Allagash or ski the mountains. Read a Stephen King book in the dark -- at Acadia Park. Enjoy these pleasures of Maine, and more, with a friendly bunch of animal characters and a dozen amusing limericks for all ages.

Image of the book cover Lost on a Mountain in Maine

Lost on a Mountain in Maine
by: Donn Fendler & Joseph Egon

When twelve-year-old Donn Fendler gets impatient with his father and brother as they stand on the summit of Maine's highest peak, he decides to find his own way back to camp. But Donn doesn't count on a fast-moving fog that obscures the path. He doesn't count on falling down an embankment that hides him from sight. And he doesn't count on taking a turn that leaves him alone to wander aimlessly for nearly two weeks in the empty mountain wilderness. Based on a true story.

Image of the book cover My Cat, Coon Cat

My Cat, Coon Cat
by: Sandy Ferguson Fuller

And so begins a chance meeting between a young girl and a shy Maine coon cat that evolves into a heartfelt friendship. Through the course of one day, the girl, who has just moved into a new house, slowly wins the affection of the graceful coon cat, as he meets the girl's kitten, chases dragonflies, and explores the neighbrhood.

My Maine book image

My Maine
by: Suzanne Buzby  & Nicole Fazio

How is Maine special to you? Children and adults alike will be delighted by a young girls answer to this question at "show and tell." Join in on a real Maine adventure--go to a county fair, pick wild blueberries, and search for sea glass. Visit Portland, L.L. Bean, and the state capitol building. Take in the magnificent sights from the mountains and lakes to the rocky coast and learn some facts along the way, all while being accompanied by an adorable stuffed moose! This beautifully illustrated book truly captures the essense of Maine.

Image of the book cover A Mascot for Maine

A Mascot for Maine
by: Julia Spencer, Ph.D. & Melanie Moutran

A delightful and informative storybook for young readers about picking the state animal Mascot of Maine! Children vote in a school election to select one of eight animal candidates running for state mascot. Find out who is the winner is and how the students learn about the animals before they vote. Teaches the importance of voting and becoming an informed voter. For ages 3 to 7.

Image of book cover One Morning in  Maine

One Morning in Maine
by: Robert McCloskey (1914 - 2003)

Follow the story of Sal and her lost tooth and feel as refreshed as though you had spent a day with her family on their island. Caldecott Honor Book. Full-color illustrations.

Image of book cover Project Puffin

Project Puffin
by: Stephen W. Kress as told to Pete Salmansohn

For the past hundred years, puffins along the coast of Maine have been threatened with local extinction. Biologist Stephen Kress decided to try to bring puffins back to Maine with an experiment that had never been attempted before.

Image of book cover Wee Peter Puffin

Wee Peter Puffin
by: Jane Weinberger

Describes the animal migration of a puffin to a Maine island where he mates and finds fish for his new family.

Image of book cover What Makes an Opossum Tick?


What Makes an Opossum Tick
by: Lyn Smith & Jamie Hogan

While visiting his Grandfather's cottage, Bailey stumbles across an opossum that has been living in the the old barn. This story celebrates the power of living peacefully alongside our wild Maine neighbors while sharing with readers an appreciation for all that nature has to offer.


Image of book cover Time of Wonder

Time of Wonder
by: Robert McCloskey (1914 - 2003)

The spell of rain, gulls, a foggy morning, the excitement of sailing, the quiet of the night, the sudden terror of a hurricane, and the peace of a Maine island as a family packs up to leave are shown in poetic language and vibrant, evocative pictures.