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The Department has partnered with the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) to provide to students in grades 3-8 and 3rd year of high school, an assessment for mathematics and English language arts/literacy. The assessment is computer-based and adaptive, meaning the assessment adjusts the grade level of the items presented to the student based upon student response. 

Map Growth

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MAP Growth assessments provide data to educators in order to support and inform instructional decision making in the classroom in both ELA/literacy and mathematics. MAP Growth tests, which are vertically scaled across grades K–12, measure student achievement using items aligned to the Common Core State Standards. Each item is assigned a score on a RIT scale. Because the scales are equal-interval across grades, educators can compare academic growth across students and time — within an academic year and over multiple years. The assessments adapt above and below grade level to accurately identify every student’s achievement level. MAP Growth assessments draw from an item bank containing nearly 50,000 items, including technology-enhanced items, across all grades, content areas, and languages. The item pools cover all instructional areas and difficulty levels.


Accessibility & Accommodations
NWEA Accessibility Guide 2021-2022
MEA NWEA 2021-2022 Read Aloud Protocol
NWEA Read Aloud Webinar
NWEA Read Aloud Q & A (PDF)
NWEA Practice & Required Sessions

NWEA MAP Growth Practice Assessments

The login Credentials same for every content/grade:

Username: grow 

Password: grow

Who is assessed? Grades 3-8 & 3rd year HS Grade 10  
MAP Growth Sessions Math 2-5 (Grades 3, 4, 5)   45 – 60 minutes
  Math 6+ (Grades 6-8 & HS)   45 – 60 minutes
  Reading 2-5 (Grades 3, 4, 5)   45 – 60 minutes
  Reading 6+ (Grades 6-8 & HS)   45 – 60 minutes
  Language 2-12    45 – 60 minutes


Guides & Quick References
Maine - Identify Untested Students Fall 2021-2022
Maine - Identify Untested Students Fall 2021-2022
NWEA-State vs Local Accessibility quick Guide – Updated September 2021
NWEA Accessibility & Maine DOE Accessibility Crosswalk – October 2021
NWEA - How to Move Students Between Districts
NWEA Item Types
NWEA Rostering Overview September 2021
MAP Assessment Coordination Guide
MAP Reports Reference Guide
Proctor Guide
Students & Staff Management Guide
System Technology Guide
Excluding Test Results in Reports
NWEA Re-Administration Policy 2021-2022 Update
MAP Reports Summary Quick Reference
Proctor Quick Start
Roles & Responsibilities Quick Reference
Systems Requirements Quick Reference
Alignment - Q & A Sample Items 


Item Development Information for CCSS Aligned Tests
Math Exemplars Grade 4 with Front Matter
Math Exemplars Grade 7 with Front Matter
NWEA & Maine Standards Q & A
Reading Grade 3 Sample Items



Maine Department of Education Professional Learning Catalog

These offerings are designed to provide individuals and teams with information about MAP Growth and support participants as thy learn to access, interpret, and apply their data to make and support instructional decisions. Offerings include virtual seminars beginning August 2021, and access to self-directed eLearning.


Live NWEA Recorded Trainings:


For District Assessment Coordinators and Data Administrators:

MAP Growth Onboarding Webinar Recording (55min)

For District Assessment Coordinators and Leadership:

MAP Growth Remote Assessment Planning for Leaders Webinar Recording (1hr:47min)

For Teachers and Proctors:

Map Growth Basics with Remote Considerations Webinar Recording (1hr:54Min)

MAP Growth Basics Padlet Resources