New England cottontail release

New England Cottontails have returned to Scarborough Marsh Wildlife Management Area!

MDIFW’s restoration efforts for the New England cottontail rabbits (a State Endangered species) is a multi-faceted approach.

blue-spotted salamander

Why did the Amphibian Cross the Road?

The short answer is, to get to the vernal pool! Of course, there’s more to it than that, so here’s a bit more about vernal pools and why many amphibians are now on the move.

removing fencing from the doe

Team Effort to Help a Doe in Peru

Recently, a doe was seen with a cable cinched around her waist. There was concern that the cable could continue to tighten and affect her survival so we tried to see if we could intervene. 

McBrine Maine Game Warden of the Year

2021 Maine Game Warden of the Year

Maine Warden Service is pleased to announce Joe McBrine as the 2021 Maine Game Warden of the Year.

angler jigging through the ice

Tips from the Deputy Commissioner on Fishing with Dead Baitfish

Whether you’re new to winter angling or a seasoned pro, we have some tips for you!

snowshoe hare

Signs of Spring

In Maine, March is the perfect time to start taking a moment here and there to notice the changing wildlife sights, sounds, and smells around you.


The Great (Splake) Debate

For many anglers, fish identification is almost like second nature and usually Maine’s fish species are relatively easy to identify, but of course there are a few exceptions. Lately I’ve seen some debate on social media, with folks trying to ID splake and brook trout.


Winter Ice Fishing Tips for Targeting Specific Species

Maine is such a beautiful state with so many opportunities to get outdoors! One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is winter ice fishing. No matter if you’ve never been, you’re just getting started, or have been ice fishing your whole life, here are some tips and tricks for fishing specific species in the Maine winter.


Life as a Wildlife Biologist: Remote Camp, Finding Ovaries + Checking Moose

When MDIFW Moose Biologist Lee Kantar was organizing the adaptive unit moose hunt, I offered to staff one of the registration stations placed around the western half of Wildlife Management District 4. While discussing this work with my Californian parents, my father, a science teacher, thought that sounded like too much fun– he found a substitute teacher for the week, received his COVID-19 booster shot, and booked a flight to Maine to volunteer with me.


Ice Fishing Laws – Frequently Asked Questions

Ice fishing season is upon us! This favorite winter pastime is an exciting way to get outside with friends and family, create lasting memories, enjoy Maine’s prized natural resources, and reconnect with nature.