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Accessibility Policy

Maine is committed to inclusion and universal access in all of its services and programs. We pledge to develop and maintain Maine.gov webpages and services so that they are accessible to persons with all types of abilities. Each visitor using this website has the right to obtain information and services independently and conveniently.

We are committed to providing the public, including individuals with disabilities, access to its web-based information and services. This site is designed for view in most internet browsers and browser versions in order to reach the widest audience possible. The pages have been tested in popular screen readers to help assure accessibility. However, since the Maine.gov site provides links to many websites that are not created or maintained by Maine.gov, it is possible that a site reached through our site would not be accessible to persons with disabilities.

With the guidance of the state, we are making progress toward this commitment. We are continually monitoring pages on our site and making necessary modifications to remove accessibility obstacles.

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