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Fun Facts, Capitol, Constitution, State Motto, State Symbols, and more...

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State Archives, Birth, Death, Marriage, & Divorce Records, Court records, Census Records, Land Office Records, Military Records, Local Historical Records, Resource Sites
Water, Glaciers, Marine Geology, Bedrock, Economic Geology, Minerals, Fossils, Maps, Earthquakes, Educational Information for Kids & Teachers.
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Vital Records
Systematic registration of births, deaths and marriages on a statewide basis began in Maine in 1892.
Weather & Climate
Weather Forecasts & Current Conditions, Climate & Historical Data, Air Quality Data, Fire Danger, Storm Information, Drought Monitoring, Sunrise, Sunset, Moon & Eclipse, Marine Conditions, Earthquakes
Wildlife & Plant Life
Maine Wildlife, Marine Life, Aquariums, Endangered Species, Birding & Bird Feeding, Wildlife Management, Plant Life