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Maine Office of GIS

Maine Office of GIS

Welcome to the Maine Office of GIS (MEGIS) website.

The mission of MEGIS is to provide baseline geospatial data, services, and support to users of geospatial technology in state government and the public, with the ultimate goal to increase and ease the use of geospatial technologies.

What's New:

Ongoing Data Updates - for more detailed information on MEGIS Data Catalog Additions and Updates

August 19, 2014- Medotpubrds – has been updated – This dataset contains public road centerlines for Maine at 1:24000 scale created by the Maine Department of Transportation using MEDOT’s base map line work.

August 19, 2014 -Boatlnch has been updated.  Boatlnch depicts state-managed and state-assisted boating facility locations throughout Maine at 1:24000 scale or better recorded by the Boating Facilities Division of the Bureau of Parks & Lands

August 19, 2014 -VERNAL POOLS (VPCenterPts) and SIGNIFICANT VERNAL POOL BUFFERS (SVPBuffers) have been UPDATED.  VPCenterPts represents CANDIDATE Significant Vernal Pools (SVPs). SVPBuffers depicts 250-foot habitat zones surrounding the perimeters of Significant Vernal Pools (SVPs) or Potentially Significant Vernal Pools (PSVPs). Please refer to the metadata for additional information