131st Legislature Committee

LD 1342, HP0856 - An Act to Increase Funding for the Prevention and Control of Invasive Aquatic Species - Rep. Walter Riseman of Harrison

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LD 2141, HP1365 - An Act to Enhance Protections for and Better Address Invasive Aquatic Plant Infestations in Inland Waters of the State - Rep. Tavis Hasenfus of Readfield

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LD 2052, HP1314 - An Act to Provide Additional Moose Hunting Opportunities for Maine Youth Experiencing Critical Illnesses - Rep. Scott Landry of Farmington

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Report Back and Recommendations for Strategies to Reduce User Conflicts During Moose Hunting Seasons

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RESOLVE 2023 CHAPTER 33 – (LD 379) Resolve, Directing the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Study the Effects of Wake Boats on Shoreline Property and the Environment

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Report back on Resolve 2023 Chapter 26 to Require the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife to Develop a Plan for Communication Regarding Certain Municipal Regulation. The committee supported the Department's recommendation of no legislation at this time, continue with an educational approach.

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Report back on LD 163 - An Act to Increase Communication Between the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and Lifetime License Holders by Requiring Free License Renewals Under Certain Circumstances. The committee asked MDIFW to bring back draft legislative language for review (in the next couple weeks) using the proposal within the report back.

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