129th Legislature - Bills Related to MDIFW

LD 26 - An Act To Provide Complimentary Lifetime Hunting and Fishing Licenses to Retired Game Wardens with 25 Years of Service

LD 27 - An Act to Allow the Use of Crossbows during the Archery Season on Deer

LD 33 - An Act To Establish a Thanksgiving Youth Turkey Hunting Season

LD 121 - An Act To Require the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife To Implement a Firearm Safety and Firearm Violence Prevention Program

LD 175 - An Act To Extend the Deer Hunting Season by 2 Saturdays

LD 188 - An Act To Provide for an Expanded Muzzle-loading Deer Hunting Season

LD 190 - An Act To Provide Antlerless Deer Permits To Senior Resident Lifetime Hunting License Holders

LD 212 - An Act To Provide a Source of Funding for the ATV Recreational Management Fund

LD 235 - An Act To Increase Funding To Contain and Manage the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Species

LD 265 - An Act To Increase Opportunities for Hunters, Anglers and Sporting Camps by Extending the Season on Upland Game

LD 258 - An Act To Establish and Coordinate a Volunteer Corps of Search and Rescue Specialists within the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

LD 275 - An Act to Change the Bag Limits on Wild Turkey

LD 313 - An Act to Increase Access to Moose and Doe Permits to Combat-Injured Veterans

LD 321 - An Act to Ensure the Continuation of the Landowner Relations Program

LD 337 - An Act To Start a Spring Bear Hunting Season

LD 339 - An Act To Prohibit Unattended Watercraft on Open Water

LD 386 - An Act To Establish a Comprehensive Wildlife Biology Internship Program

LD 442 - An Act To Set Speed Limits for All-terrain Vehicles on Trails within 50 Yards of a Stream or Pond To Prevent Runoff

LD 490 - An Act To Give the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife the Authority To Change the Opening Dates of Trapping Seasons Based on Weather Conditions

LD 525 - An Act To Increase the Registration Fee for Snowmobiles for Residents

LD 528 - An Act To Increase the Number of Clubs in Penobscot County That May Be Issued a Special Dog Training Area License

LD 617 - An Act To Increase to 3 the Number of Youth Deer Hunting Days

LD 638 - An Act To Legalize the Use of Supplemental Minerals To Assist with Wildlife Nutrition

LD 649 - An Act To Enhance Collaboration among State Agencies To Improve Landowner Relations

LD 650 - An Act To Strengthen Maine's Landowner Relations Program

LD 652 - An Act To Modify Maine's Ice Fishing Laws with Respect to Cusk Fishing

LD 695 - An Act To Require Biodegradable Hooks and Lures for Freshwater Fishing

LD 708 - An Act To Expand Maine's Moose Lottery To Benefit Wounded Service Members and Veterans

LD 713 - An Act To Strengthen Maine's Endangered Species Laws

LD 728 - An Act To Fairly Compensate Registration Stations for Bear, Deer, Moose and Turkey Registrations

LD 795 - RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine To Establish a Right to Food

LD 865 - An Act To Amend the Laws Governing the Funding Sources of the Maine Controlled Moose Hunt Season

LD 879- An Act To Decrease the Risk of the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Plants

LD 881 - An Act To Ensure Equitable Treatment of Super Pack License Holders in Antlerless Deer Permit Lotteries

LD 886 - An Act To Protect Volunteer Search and Rescuers Certified by the Maine Association for Search and Rescue from Adverse Employment Actions

LD 891 - An Act To Preserve Maine's Heritage by Expanding Maine Youth Hunting

LD 924 - An Act To Remove the Background Check Requirement for Maine Guides Who Are at Least 70 Years of Age and Hold a Lifetime Hunting or Fishing License

LD 927 - An Act To Minimize the Propagation of Invasive Aquatic Plants

LD 932 - An Act Regarding Moose Permit Subpermittees

LD 967 - An Act To Reduce the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Plants by Prohibiting Seine Fishing in Great Ponds

LD 996 - An Act To Establish a Special Handgun Hunting Season That Coincides with the Muzzle-loading Open Season on Deer

LD 1109 - An Act Regarding the Size and Weight of All-terrain Vehicles, the Operation of Motor Vehicles on Designated All-terrain Vehicle Trails and the Operation of All-terrain Vehicles on Trails Posted with Size or Weight Limits

LD 1114 - An Act To Humanely Treat Animals Trapped in Buildings

LD 1117 - An Act To Encourage Turkey Hunting

LD 1118 - An Act To Give the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife Rule-making Authority To Establish a Bear Season Framework and Bag Limits

LD 1124 - An Act To Amend the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund Grant Process

LD 1179 - An Act To Expand Coyote Hunting to Every Day of the Coyote Hunting Season and To Eliminate Fees

LD 1252 - An Act Regarding Snowmobile Registration Fees

LD 1298 - An Act To Enhance Fish and Wildlife Laws

LD 1307 - An Act To Promote Snowmobiling in Maine

LD 1488 - An Act To Allow Holders of Gold Star Family Registration Plates To Be Issued Complimentary Licenses To Hunt, Trap and Fish

LD 1551 - An Act To Clarify Fishing Laws between the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife and the Department of Marine Resources as They Relate to Striped Bass in Inland Waters

LD 1579 - An Act To Allow Municipalities To Stock Ponds in Their Areas with Fish

LD 1787 - An Act To Clarify and Enhance Fish and Wildlife Enforcement Laws