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Maine’s nickname “Vacationland” is well deserved – and not just for the summertime beaches. Maine offers some of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in the country. With over 17 million acres of extraordinary land and waterways, it is the ultimate playing field for the outdoor sportsman. We have everything from big game like moose and black bear, to small game hunting such as rabbit and turkey. Whether you come for hunting, fishing, or both - Maine has a little something for everyone. To get a truly unique experience, plan your visit to Maine with a licensed guide to help create an unforgettable trip. You’re going to love it up here!

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Maine has over 17 million acres of extraordinary land available to hunters.

When it comes to finding where you want to hunt, you have two options: private land or public land. Roughly 94% of Maine's forest land is privately owned, and more than half of that land area is open to the public. This access is an incredible gift, and in order to preserve it, everyone who ventures outdoors needs to understand the contribution that landowners make. Before venturing on private land, always ask for permission.

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One of the many benefits of hunting is securing wholesome, locally-sourced, free-range, hormone-free lean protein. For many hunters, the joy of hunting extends to the dinner table, where they can cook delicious dishes to share with friends and family over stories of their time in the woods.

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