Become an Outdoor Partner

The Outdoor Partners Program provides funding to protect Maine's longstanding tradition of public access to privately owned land.
Funds from the Outdoor Partners Program go to:

  1. Enhanced law enforcement in areas where problems occur
  2. The landowner sign program, which offers an alternative to No Trespassing signs and aids landowners in managing access to their land
  3. Equipment to investigate and prosecute landowner abuse and criminal trespass complaints
  4. Promotional and educational programs designed to promote and maintain access

Becoming a member of the Outdoor Partners Program is simple! Membership can be purchased with your hunting or fishing license online or at any licensing agent for $15.00 or purchase a membership through our online store!

Become an Outdoor Partner Today

Outdoor Partners Members receive benefits from these supportive businesses:

To receive the benefits above, show a copy of a receipt from our online store showing their Outdoor Partners purchase or your valid Maine hunting or fishing license that includes an Outdoor Partners membership.

Quarterly Drawings

Each quarter, we hold a special raffle for Outdoor Partners Program participants with prizes from our supporting merchants.

Show your Support

Purchase an Outdoor Partners decal or hat online to proudly show your support and appreciation for Maine’s private landowners.

Volunteer your Time

Keep Maine Clean

The Mission of Keep Maine Clean is to help private landowners remove litter that was illegally dumped on their property, to alleviate the costs associated with illegal dumping, to show landowners we care about them and their property, to investigate all complaints of illegal dumping, to prosecute those responsible, and to keep Maine clean and beautiful.

To carry out this mission, MDIFW recruits volunteers to pick up trash in fields and forests while engaging in outdoor recreation. Volunteers and sponsors include outdoor recreationists, the media, businesses, and nonprofit organizations, and anyone who supports the concept of a cleaner Maine outdoors!

By joining the program, you'll gain access to insider information including contests, sponsor and volunteer stories, landowner relations tips, and more.

All funds donated to Keep Maine Clean are deposited in MDIFW's Landowner Relations Fund.

Landowner Appreciation Day

This program, started in 2013, gives users a tangible and fun way to show landowners their appreciation, with prizes awarded to volunteers who pick up the most truckloads of litter.

Each year, on 100+ sites, volunteers have picked up more than 1,000,000 lbs. of trash including 1,000-2,000 tires.

Sign up to learn about upcoming volunteer opportunities