Digital Archive and Historical Documents

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In 2015, MDIFW partnered with the Maine State Library to digitize the Department's historically rich archive. This is still a work in progress, but members of the public can now easily explore thousands of law books, documents, informational publications, photos, and (coming soon!) videos online at

What You'll Find:

  • Fish and game law books dating back to 1893
  • Hundreds of photos and slides dating back to the 1940s
  • All issues of Fish & Wildlife Magazine dating back to 1959

3 Ways to Help us Complete the Project:

  • Contribute a Document – If you have an historically significant MDIFW-related item that you'd like to contribute, contact the Maine State Library at and they will assess its usability.
  • Solve a Photo Mystery – Many of the historical photographs and slides in the archive are unlabeled or untitled. If you know who or what a photo is depicting, simply use the comment feature to let us know.
  • Fill in a Gap – Among all the sets of historical documents, there are a few gaps. If you see one, and happen to have the missing piece, the library would love to borrow it, scan/digitize it, and return it to you fully intact.

Check it out: