Community Science Projects

MDIFW tracks where many of Maine’s priority wildlife species occur. Keeping our database current is challenging, especially for species that are uncommon, cryptic, or that live in more remote areas. So we rely on the Maine public’s passion for wildlife – community scientists – to help track these species.

Choose a project that most interests you and get started today!

Current Projects

Amphibian and Reptile Atlas

March – November

Bumble Bee Atlas

This project is complete, but we are still looking for bumble bee observations.

Deer Projects

Deer Spy (August 1 – September 30) and Rut Watch (October 1 – December 31)

Rabbit Sightings

Year-round, although winter is ideal for this survey.

Zebra Mussel Settling Plate Project

May-October, primarily in Aroostook and Piscataquis Counties

Recently Completed Projects

Bird Atlas

Data collection is complete.

Butterfly Survey

This project is complete.

River Bird Project

Data collection is complete.

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