Join Maine's Newest Citizen Science Project

The Maine Bird Atlas is a statewide citizen science project that everyone can help with!

To contribute as a citizen scientist, you don't need birding experience; all you need is a desire to get outside and make some observations. And if field work isn't in the cards for you, that's ok, too. People and businesses can support this project in several different ways.

Tell me more!

About the Project
What is a bird atlas, why does Maine need one, and why does it matter to me? 
Read all about it here.

Regional Coordinators
These local bird experts are volunteers and are the backbone of this project! They are here to help answer questions and get you started. Find one in your area.

Partner Agencies
Accomplishing a project of this scale requires the time and expertise of a number of individuals. See who’s involved.

How can I help?

Become a Citizen Scientist
Anyone with an interest in birds and, well, a pair of binoculars helps too, can contribute records to the Atlas. Get started

Support the Project
What’s your favorite bird? You can make a tax-deductible donation or sponsor a species! Learn how

Be an Informant
Help spread the word! Share news from our Blog and find us on Facebook and Twitter

I'm in! What's next?

Sign Me Up
Signing up as a volunteer for the Maine Bird Atlas is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Start by clicking here and we’ll walk you through getting signed up.

Find Resources and Materials
From downloadable datasheets to helpful resource links find what you need here.

Submit Data
Learn how to submit your findings here, whether you're using pen and paper, your desktop, or the e-bird app.
Log observations now.

When the project is finished, we will have answered two key questions:

  • 1. How many breeding and wintering birds are there in Maine?
  • 2. Where exactly can they be found?

The results will be published digitally and as a book and will serve as a go-to resource for everyone from wildlife biologists to birdwatchers, students, environmentalists, artists, and more.