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First, register as an official project volunteer where you will also submit your hours and miles of survey effort. Your time and mileage is critical match for the federal $$ funding this project. Note: this link will open a new tab that is separate from this website. Once open, just follow the link for the “Bird Atlas”.

Second, all data for the project will be entered through eBird, Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s online database platform.

If you don’t already have an eBird account, you can create one here. Just follow the green button in the upper right hand corner to create an account.

If you’re a pencil and paper kind of individual, don’t worry, you can still contribute to the project, and we hope you will!  You can skip this second step, just follow the instructions under the Submit Data tab!

Third, adopt an Observation Area (OPTIONAL). This involves putting in 20 hours of observation time across a nine-square-mile area, or 'block,' either on your own or with a team. We put over 4,000 blocks up for adoption, and they are going fast! View our interactive map to browse available blocks near you (or near where you vacation), and adopt your favorite one today.

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Start sharing your sightings! Document what you see! Watch birds in your yard, while on a hike, or during a dedicated birding adventure. Check out our quick start guide for winter for what information we’re looking for.