Regional Coordinators

We have divided the state into 31 distinct regions and organized each of those into 6 distinct "super regions". We have assigned a highly skilled volunteer to each region who will serve as regional coordinator. Regional coordinators are the backbone of this project and are local bird experts that will be essential for coordinating volunteers in each of the delineated regions.

Note: in order to discourage spamming, we have disguised the emails below and replaced the "@" symbol with (AT), and the "." symbol with "(DOT)".

NORTHERN MAINE REGION [Bill Sheehan (bill.j.sheehan (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]

  1. Allagash [Don Lima (winkumpaughwoodworks (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  2. Caribou [Kimberly Hitchcock (me_rabbit7 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com)]
  3. Chamberlain Lake [Chris West (christineanitawest (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  4. Presque Isle [Judy Roe (jlroe7 (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  5. Houlton [Tammy Kerekes (tammylkerekes (AT) gmail (DOT) com)] [Dennis Kerekes (varminthunter57 (AT) yahoo (DOT) com)]

MID-MAINE REGION [Kyle Lima (kylelemur21 (AT) gmail (DOT) com)] [Nick Leadley (nick (AT) touchthewildphotos (DOT) com)]

  1. Jackman [Sandi Duchesne (smduchesne (AT) roadrunner (DOT) com)]
  2. Greenville [Bob Duchesne (duchesne (AT) midmaine (DOT) com)]
  3. Kennebago Lake [Nick Leadley (nick (AT) touchthewildphotos (DOT) com)]
  4. Carrabassett Valley [Kate Weatherby (kweatherbymba (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  5. Dover Foxcroft [Kate Weatherby (kweatherbymba (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  6. Millinocket [Kyle Lima (kylelemur21 (AT) gmail (DOT) com)] [John Wyatt (birdsnbeads (AT) roadrunner (DOT) com)]

DOWNEAST REGION [Chuck Whitney (whitneywhistles (AT) gmail (DOT) com)] [Maurry Mills (maurrymills (AT) gmail (DOT) com, Maurice_Mills (AT) fws (DOT) gov)]

  1. Aurora [Malcolm Hunter (mhunter (AT) maine (DOT) edu)]
  2. Topsfield [Maurry Mills (maurrymills (AT) gmail (DOT) com, Maurice_Mills (AT) fws (DOT) gov)]
  3. Frenchman Bay [Rich MacDonald (rich (AT) thenaturalhistorycenter (DOT) com)]
  4. Columbia Falls [Chuck Whitney (whitneywhistles (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  5. Dennysville [Woody Gillies (cwgillies (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]

MID-COAST REGION [Steve Mierzykowski (steve_mierzykowski (AT)]

  1. Waterville [Herb Wilson (whwilson (AT) colby (DOT) edu) [Bets Brown (bbrown6548 (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  2. Brooks [Tom Aversa (tom.aversa (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  3. Bangor [Steve Mierzykowski (steve_mierzykowski (AT) msn (DOT) com)]
  4. St. George [Don Reimer (reimer6117 (AT) tds (DOT) net)]
  5. Vinalhaven [Seth Benz (sbenz (AT) schoodicinstitute (DOT) org)]

WESTERN REGION [Logan Parker (lparker.mainelakes (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]

  1. Rangeley [Seth Davis (kd7gxf (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  2. Farmington [Pete McKinley (peter_mckinley (AT) tws (DOT) org)] [Trevor Persons (Trevor.Persons (AT) nau (DOT) edu)]
  3. Belgrade [Logan Parker (lparker.mainelakes (AT) gmail (DOT) com)]
  4. Woodstock [Chris Lewey (chris (AT) ravenprograms (DOT) com)]
  5. Lewiston Kevin Rogers [kevin.rogers82 (AT) gmail (DOT) com]

SOUTHWESTERN REGION [Doug Hitchcox (dhitchcox (AT) maineaudubon (DOT) org)]

  1. North York [Laura Minich Zitske (lzitske (AT) maineaudubon (DOT) org)] [Brad Zitske (brad.zitske (AT) maine (DOT) gov)]
  2. Portland [Doug Hitchcox (dhitchcox (AT) maineaudubon (DOT) org)]
  3. Popham Beach [Becky Marvil (bmarvil (AT) maine (DOT) rr (DOT) com)]
  4. Mid York [Scott Richardson (atlas (AT) aves-specta (DOT) com)]
  5. South York Glen Mittelhauser [mainebirdatlas (AT) gmail (DOT) com]