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Rule Chapters for the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

Chapters available for downloading are highlighted. All chapters for this Department are formatted in Microsoft Word unless otherwise indicated.

WARNING: While we have taken care with the accuracy of the files accessible here, they are not "official" state rules in the sense that they can be used before a court. Anyone who needs a certified copy of a rule chapter should contact the APA Office.

We also offer advice if you're having trouble trying to view these chapters.

09  137   Fish and Wildlife - General
Ch. 1     Open Water and Ice Fishing Regulations
          Approved Changes for 2014
          Note: IFW plans to publish the new fishing regulations in their entirety by January 1, 2015, 
          at .
Ch. 1 Amendment   Open Water and Ice Fishing Regulations (Fish River Excluding Throughfares)
Ch. 1-A   State Heritage Fish Waters
Ch. 2     Rules Pertaining to Commercial Fishing, Fish Culture and
          Fishing Derbies and Tournaments
Ch. 3     Public Interaction and Conflicts with Wildlife (Feeding of Deer)
Ch. 4     Hunting and Trapping
Ch. 5     State Owned Wildlife Management Area
Ch. 6     Scientific Collection Permits
Ch. 7     Regulations for Wildlife in Captivity
Ch. 8     Endangered Species
Ch. 9     General Snowmobile and ATV (All-terrain Vehicles) Regulations
Ch. 10    Significant Wildlife Habitat
Ch. 11    Protection and Safety of Spectators at Snowmobile Races
Ch. 12    All-Terrain Vehicle Plates and Renewal Stickers
Ch. 13    Watercraft Regulations
Ch. 14    Commercial Whitewater Rafting
Ch. 15    Interstate Wildlife Violations Compact
Ch. 18    State Game Farm
Ch. 19    Operation of Motor Vehicles on a Public Water Supply
Ch. 20    Taxidermy License
Ch. 21    Non-Resident License Agents
Ch. 22    Rules Pertaining to Department Publications
Ch. 23    Youth Camp Trip Leader Permits and Junior Maine Guide Program
Ch. 24    Licensed Guides
Ch. 25    Leashed Dog Tracking License Rules
Ch. 26    Commercial Wildlife Permit for Amphibians or Nonmarine Invertibrates

09  143   Junior Maine Guides and Trip Leaders Curriculum Advisory Board
          (Obsolete; former rules integrated with 09-137)

09  289   Atlantic Salmon Commission
          (moved to 94-289)

09  585   Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund Board
Ch. 25    Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund - Strategic Plan