Deputy Dyer

Deputy Game Wardens

The Maine Warden Service Deputy Warden Program is a great starting point for aspiring Game Wardens. Several Deputy Wardens are hired each year for part-time summer positions patrolling lakes where there is a high concentration of boating activity.

PCCA award presentation

Penobscot County Conservation Association Honored with 2021 Maine Warden Service Colonel’s Award

The Penobscot County Conservation Association was honored with the 2021 Maine Warden Service Colonel’s Award on Wednesday, June 15, 2022, by Maine Warden Service Colonel Dan Scott. This award may be presented annually to an individual or individuals who the Colonel has determined have provided distinguished support and/or service to the Maine Warden Service and/or its mission.

McBrine Maine Game Warden of the Year

2021 Maine Game Warden of the Year

Maine Warden Service is pleased to announce Joe McBrine as the 2021 Maine Game Warden of the Year.


Spring Hiking Reminders from the Maine Warden Service

As the snow begins to melt and the days get warmer, we are all excited to spend more time outside. For many, the first hike of the year is much anticipated and is an ideal way to get some fresh air, exercise, and soak up picturesque views.

End of Watch: November 15, 1922

The Maine Game Warden Class of 2020 was given the honorable task of developing a way to memorialize two fallen Maine Game Wardens: David F. Brown and Mertley F. Johnson. The story behind the two wardens and how they died remains a mystery and is a very controversial topic. The story goes as follows:

Maine Warden Service & Friend and Friend Inc. ATV Partnership

By Maine Warden Service Corporal John MacDonald

Thanks to a continued partnership with Friend & Friend Inc. in Ellsworth, the dealership is lending the Maine Warden Service a new recreational vehicle to assist game wardens in the course of their work. As part of the Kawasaki User Relations Loaner Program, a new recreational vehicle has been made available at no charge to Maine Game Wardens.

K9 Luna and K9 Gordon are Certified!

We have concluded our 10-week basic search and rescue K9 detection school with our two new K9 teams, Warden Michael Latti and K9 Luna along with Warden Preston Pomerleau and K9 Gordon. Both teams recently passed their field certification tests in obedience, article search, tracking, and air scent searches. Along with the field proficiency standards, each handler must successfully pass a written test outlining the fundamentals of their training, K9 health, and deployment strategies.

K9 School: Evidence Search

The last discipline we introduced to K9 Luna and K9 Gordon were evidence searches or “article searches.” Evidence searches are used to locate anything from a hat to a firearm and everything in between. The K9s have been trained to indicate on anything with human scent. This is an extremely useful tool for fish and wildlife enforcement. The more common articles that we search for are shell casings, shotgun shells and wads, knives, and other outdoor equipment.

Recent Promotions in the Maine Warden Service

Lieutenant Aaron Cross

Lieutenant Aaron Cross began his career with the Maine Warden Service in 2007 as a district warden and was soon promoted


K9 School: Hasty Air Scent Search

As we progress in training, we have begun to introduce new search techniques to the dogs. This past week we introduced the concept of an air scent search or “hasty” search. Unlike tracking, air scent searches are done off lead and are used to search large areas or if the last known point of the missing person isn’t exact.