landlocked Atlantic salmon

Landlocked Salmon and Brown Trout – Tips for Identifying Your Catch

When you picture a landlocked salmon and then a brown trout, I’m sure the two species are clearly distinguishable. In certain Maine water bodies both species are present and on occasion the two species can be tough to quickly identify. Which, to be fair, is not that much of a surprise. Landlocked salmon and brown trout are closely related (both falling under the genus; Salmo) which lends the two species to look similar in some circumstances.


Chesuncook Lake Salmon Fishery Update

We’ve invested a lot of time since implementing a new management strategy on Chesuncook Lake back in 2018. We are getting close to our harvest goal, and the fish are starting to respond.


While You Were Sleeping, We Were Electrofishing!

Electrofishing is a highly effective way to non-lethally sample a population and is very efficient for studying bass during their May-June spawning season.

Large numbers of Chilodonella on largemouth bass gills

MDIFW Fish Health Lab Case Study: Webber Pond Largemouth Bass Fish Kill, May of 2022

The recent fish kill of adult largemouth bass seen in Webber Pond is an example of a fish kill with natural causes exacerbated by stressors of seasonally low dissolved oxygen, excessive levels of common protozoan parasites and a pathogen specifically harmful to just one species of fish. 


The Great (Splake) Debate

For many anglers, fish identification is almost like second nature and usually Maine’s fish species are relatively easy to identify, but of course there are a few exceptions. Lately I’ve seen some debate on social media, with folks trying to ID splake and brook trout.


Winter Ice Fishing Tips for Targeting Specific Species

Maine is such a beautiful state with so many opportunities to get outdoors! One of the most anticipated seasons of the year is winter ice fishing. No matter if you’ve never been, you’re just getting started, or have been ice fishing your whole life, here are some tips and tricks for fishing specific species in the Maine winter.


Ice Fishing Laws – Frequently Asked Questions

Ice fishing season is upon us! This favorite winter pastime is an exciting way to get outside with friends and family, create lasting memories, enjoy Maine’s prized natural resources, and reconnect with nature.


Illegal fish importation case provides insight into why you should care

In late 2019 the Maine Warden Service was contacted by fish and wildlife authorities from Oregon requesting assistance with an investigation of the Green Hill Garden Fish Hatchery in Eugene Oregon. The fish and wildlife officials from Oregon were looking into illegal fish purchases and sales and had identified several shipments from the Oregon hatchery to residents in Maine. Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIFW) Game Wardens and Fisheries Biologists conducted a series of interviews to determine the origin, species, and the current whereabouts of any imported fish and whether or not proper permits were obtained from MDIFW prior to the importation or stocking of the fish.

Fishing Responsibly for Trout during Warm Weather

As we emerge from the challenges brought on by the pandemic, with a renewed and growing interest in outdoor recreation, including fishing, we find ourselves in another year of low flows and water levels due to the very early onset of a drought; the second year in a row.  Most areas of Maine are suffering from below-average rainfall and lower than normal water conditions.  Anglers are reminded to consider these conditions and take some personal responsibility when fishing for coldwater fish species such as trout and landlocked salmon.


Maine River Trips

Paddling along Maine’s many water ways is a favorite pastime for anglers and anyone who enjoys the serenity of being on the water, turning around bends only to share the river with wildlife and the splash of a rising fish. Here are a few trip ideas throughout the state, with varying lengths and difficulty levels. Before you go, always do you research and plan ahead. You may need to consult a gazetteer and other resources before making the trip. And always tell someone where you are going, and when you plan to return.