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Announcing New Meridian Science Assessment

This spring (2021) Maine Department of Education will usher in the new Maine science assessment based, for the first time, on the Maine science and engineering standards, i.e. NGSS, adopted in April 2019. In a year of firsts, the general science assessment will also go online under the direction of a new vendor,New Meridian with paper-versions as an accommodation. There is no remote model of the new Science Assessment. 

Science Accessibility Guide

Maine Science Student Practice/Tutorials

Test Code = N2JGTQ (no TTS)

Test Code = UNZNJN (with TTS)



How do I find a list of students who completed or did not complete and assessment?

New Meridian subcontracts with MZD, who provides the platform for assessment administration. The online platform is provided by MZD’s ADAM Assessment Delivery and Management Platform, built by MZD flexible, scalable, and secure tools engineered for the real-world needs of educators, and designed to uniquely enable more authentic measurements of students’ knowledge and skills. 


                                  Science Sessions & Time Allowances
                                     All Grades 5, 8, High School
Material Distribution / Instructions 10-15 min
Science Session 1 60 min
Science Session 2 60 min
Science Session 3 60 min
Student Questionare / Session 4 10-15 min
Total 205-215 min


The Maine Science assessment window has recently been extended by an additional two weeks. This extension provides a total of four (4) weeks for assessment administration. The Maine Science assessment window opens May 17 through June 11, 2021. SAUs are encouraged to schedule assessments throughout the entire window, while considering the health and safety precautions required under the circumstances of the pandemic. 

Maine Science Help Desk


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Manuals & Guides



Device & System Requirements for Online Assessment

Lockdown Browser Installation & Setup Instructions

Maine Science Assessment Accessibility Guide

Assessment Administration Manual Grade 5

Assessment Administration Manual Grade 8

Assessment Administration Manual High School

Online Accessibility Tools User Guide

Quick Guide, Starting Your Maine Science Assessment

Technology User Guide for School & District Assessment Coordinators

Technology User Guide for Assessment Proctors



What’s Different about the Maine Science Assessment – NGSS Overview video (30 min)

Q & A Session Recording - What's New about the Maine Session NGSS - based Assessment (1 hour)


Installation of the ADAM Lockdown Browser

Lockdown Browser Installation and Setup Instructions

Device and System Requirements for Online Assessment

Q & A Session Recording – Installation of the ADAM Lockdown Brower and Technical Requirements


Science ADAM Online Assessment Administration: Rostering, Accessibility, Proctoring

Watch the video: Rostering & Proctoring Videos
  1. Technology User Guide for School and District Assessment Coordinators
  2. Technology User Guide for Proctors
  3. Online Accessibility Tools User Guide

Q & A Session Recording - ADAM Online Assessment Administration, Rostering, Accessibility & Proctoring (1.3 hours)


Additional Materials

Maine Science Help Resources:  

MEScience.ZenDesk FAQ

MEA Read Aloud Protocol 2021

MEA Scribing Protocol 2021