The following are Willing and Qualified vendors

The following is a list of agreements which outline services that can be provided by multiple providers, as long as the providers are willing to provide services as outlined in a standard contract and meet minimum qualification criteria.

The Procurement Justification Form describes required services and minimum qualifications and will remain posted for duration of contract. If any providers have questions about providing the described services, please contact the contract administrator listed on the Procurement Justification form.

The state may terminate any contract based on a “willing and qualified” justification if the state determines that:

  1. The willing and qualified vendor failed or refused to perform its contractual obligations;
  2. The willing and qualified vendor’s performance was unsatisfactory including, but not limited to, the quality and timeliness of services provided; or
  3. The willing and qualified vendor no longer meets required qualifications for those services or has the ability to perform the services as specified.

Please Note: The table below provides a link to the issuing Department’s “Waiver of Competitive Bidding” form used to explain the rationale for not using competition, as well as providing the statutory basis for that action.

Vendors who have questions or wish to discuss contracting for any of the services listed below are to please contact the department's Contract Administrator specified on the accompanying document. If any Vendor or other interested party would like to comment on one of these intended, non-competitive procurements, please complete this Response Form (doc) and submit the completed form as an attachment to

Thank you again for your interest in State of Maine purchasing and contracting.

Willing & Qualified

Description of Goods/Services Contract # Issuing Department Q/A Summary and Amendment Posting Start Date Posting End Date
Residential Services-PNMI (MH) 0120240113 DHHS
Topographical Surveys at Lily Bay State Park 0120240053 DACF
Topographical Surveys at Swan Lake State Park 0120240054 DACF
Topographical Surveys at Peaks-Kenny State Park 0120240058 DACF
Topographical Surveys at Lake Saint George State Park 0120240059 DACF
Real estate related legal services 0120240060 DIFW
Shellfish harvest economic impact study 0120240042 DMR
Medicare Part D Preferred Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) Services 0220240130 DHHS
Tuberculosis (TB) Consultant 0220240131 DHHS
Gravel road edging and compaction services at Peaks-Kenny State Park 1220231353 DACF
A Safer Place (Baxter Related) 0120240112 DHHS
Hepatitis Testing and Linkage to Care 0120240045 DHHS
SNAP Employment and Training Program Services 0120240027 DHHS
Co-Responder: Post Overdose Response Team 0220240170 DHHS
Recruit, hire, train and deploy Community Health Workers 1220231370 DHHS
Recruit, hire, train & deploy Community Health Workers 0120240012 DHHS
Recruit, hire, train & deploy Community Health Workers 0120240030 DHHS
EUT Connor CS Nurse AY23-24 1220231402 DOE
EUT Special EDUC Services - Speech, Phys, Occup Therapies 1120231333 DOE
EUT Edmunds CS & Kingman ES Nurse AY23-24 1220231403 DOE
Proficiency assessment online platform, scoring, reporting, training and professional development services 0820230836 DOE
Out of State: Room and Board 0220240203 DHHS
Adult Day Services 1220231369 DHHS
Co-Responder: Post Overdose Response Team 1220231366 DHHS
Volunteer Program (RSVP & SCP) 1220231400 DHHS
Rental Subsidy 1220231399 DHHS
Outpatient Services 0220240143 DHHS