A Request for Quotation is used to procure commodities as a one time buy usually over $5,000 or to set up a commodity contract for items at any dollar amount.

Current State of Maine RFQs

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A responsible bidder may be a manufacturer, producer, distributor, dealer, or manufacturer's representative authorized by the manufacturer to sell his product, who has demonstrated integrity, is of good reputation, has a satisfactory record of experience and performance, whose financial status is such as to cause little risk to the State, and who has the capacity and the ability to supply the State on a timely basis.

Bids for commodity items must be submitted electronically. Additional and alternate bids may be also be submitted. File attachments may be uploaded to the electronic bid response. Supporting documents and literature may be faxed or mailed to The Division of Procurement Services.

Commodity quotes close at 2:00 p.m., local time, on the announced day. Attempts to enter a bid response after the exact time set for closing are not recorded as received responses and are not considered for award.

Awards will be made with reasonable promptness by the issuance of properly executed purchase order. Awards will be made to the bidder offering the best value to the State of Maine, taking into consideration the qualities of the goods or services to be supplied, their conformity to specifications, the purposes for which they are required, the date of delivery and the best interest of the State. (5 MRSA 1825, B7)

General bid conditions applicable to “all state purchases” - View our Solicitation terms & conditions (MS-Word) - Updated 3/5/2019

Special bid conditions applicable to a specific commodity or type of purchase are listed by the State in the invitation to bid under “Special Instructions” or attached file(s). Special bid conditions supersede general conditions, if conflicting.

Tie bids will be awarded to in-state bidders or to bidders offering commodities produced or manufactured in the State if the price, quality, availability, and other factors are equivalent. (5 MRSA 1825, B8)

Consideration will be given to responses submitted on alternate commodities to the extent that such action is deemed to serve the best interest of the State. The bidder quoting on a commodity other than specified shall furnish complete identification, descriptive literature or data with respect to the alternate commodity proposed. Lack of such information on the bid shall be construed to mean that the bidder proposed to furnish the exact commodity as described.

The State reserves the right to reject any and all bids, in whole or in part, to waive any formality and technicality in any bid and to accept any item or items in any bid.