This page contains all the information for all Pre-Qualified Vendors for Meeting and/or Conference Facilities.  

Helpful Files:

See the map below to determine what facilities exist in your region 


Conference and Meeting Facility Guidelines

Armory Rentals

Per executive order, utilize an Armory location whenever possible. 

A formal Request for Proposal (RFP) may be utilized at any time for values over $10k in place of utilizing this PQVL.

The current Pre-Qualified vendor List for Conference and Meeting Facilities listed below are vendors who received contracts based on a competitive process.  The PQVL can be utilized for any dollar value.  A more detailed version of this list is provided in the Excel spreadsheet at the top of this page.  This list will continue to change as more vendors are pre-qualified.   

Facility Name Region # Master Agreement
Augusta Civic Center 2 MA - 18090500000000000023
Senator Inn & Spa Events center 2 MA - 18090500000000000024
Sunday River 3 MA - 18090500000000000025
Sugarloaf 3 MA - 19053200000000000182
Jeff's Catering 4 MA - 19053200000000000183
University of Maine - Orono 4 MA - 19040100000000000136


Steps for acquiring other Conference and Meeting Facilities:


Step 1 - Identify VendorsUtilize most current Master List and sort by the following:

a.       Who meets the geographical need?

b.      Who meets required capacity?

c.       Who meets lodging requirements (if applicable)?

d.      Who meets food requirements (if applicable)?

e.       Who meets AV requirements (if applicable)?

f.        Other requirements?

If no vendors are identified, go directly to Step 3.


Step 2 – Mini Bid process – Once you’ve identified bidders (Step #1), take one of these two approaches:

a.       If $5k or less agencies have the ability to select a vendor that meets their criteria.  However, a mini bid process is recommended.  An award is made by issuing a Delivery Order (DO) or by using a Pcard. 

b.      If $5,001 or greater:

  • Multiple Identified Vendors - Utilize the standard conference mini-bid form, enter details, send to all pre-qualified vendors identified.  Modify this form as needed. 

  • If only One Identified Vendor, request a quote based on your event needs and start negotiations or perform marketing research to seeking other procurement options.

  • Issue a Delivery Order (DO) and attach the CONF Form and awarded vendor quote to the DO in AdvantageME.


Step 3 - If No Identified Vendors, seek other providers and follow these guidelines:

a.       Up to $5,000

1.      Create a Low Cost Service Contract (LCSC) or utilize a Pcard.

b.      $5,001 to $10,000

1.      Get at least 3 quotes the Department has identified from potential vendors outside of the PQVL

2.      Award to lowest quote of the acceptable bids

3.      Create Service Contract (SC)

4.      Complete a CONF form referencing the CT number

5.      Upload SC and CONF form to PurchasingME

c.       More than $10k – Subject to RFP process.


Step 4 – Award


a.       Initiate an award by emailing an award letter to the awarded vendor, include identification of event dates and/or event name.

b.      There is an appeal period if awards are based on more than availability and cost.  CTs and DOs will not be approved until after the 15-day appeal process (if applicable)

c.       Be sure to also include the following in the award letter if there were other factors beyond availability and cost that were used in determining the award:

Any person aggrieved by the award decision that results from this RFP may appeal the decision to the Director of the Bureau of Business Management in the manner prescribed in 5 MRSA § 1825-E and 18-554 Code of Maine Rules, Chapter 120 (found here:  The appeal must be in writing and filed with the Director of the Bureau of Business Management, 9 State House Station, Augusta, Maine, 04333-0009 within 15 calendar days of receipt of notification of contract award.