Procurement Cards


Procurement Card Administrator: Sue Garcia
Tel: 624-7338

*NEW 11/7/2019* Getting Help for P-Card Login Issues - TD Bank's New VIP Phone Support System Guide (PDF)

What are Splitting and Stacking, and how can you avoid them?  Splitting/Stacking Guide (PDF)

TD Bank Website:

Procurement Card Policies & Procedures (PDF) - Updated August 2020

Cardholder Application & Agreement Form (Word)

P-Card Approver Application & Agreement Form (Word)

State of Maine TD Commercial Plus Card Cardholder Guide (PDF)

State of Maine TD Commercial Plus Card Approver Guide (PDF)

TD Bank MCC Group Lists for Standard, Travel, Emergency and Executive Cards (Excel)

State of Maine Cardholder Delegation Form (Word)

State of Maine Cardholder Delegation/Administrative Responsibility Form (Word)

Lost Receipt Form (Word)

Agency P-Card Coordinators (Excel) Updated 3/11/2020

Agency Travel Card Coordinators (Excel) Updated 11/21/2019

TD Bank Download Schedule FY21 (July 2020-June 2021) (Excel)

TD Bank Download Schedule FY20 (July 2019-June 2020 (Excel)

Low Cost Services Guidelines (Excel) Updated 12/13/2019
This table is a guideline for the payment of small dollar value (under $5,000), one time, or intermittent services.