Municipalities, Political Subdivisions and Schools

The Division of Procurement Services is committed to providing purchasing opportunities for municipalities, political subdivisions and school districts in Maine by allowing them access, through our vendors, to our contract pricing. For that reason, our solicitations commonly ask bidders: Will you accept orders from political subdivisions and school districts in Maine at the prices quoted? We take a bidder's willingness to extend contract pricing to these entities into consideration in making awards.

Commodity Groups Assigned to Buyers
Click this link to determine the person at The Division of Procurement Services you should contact, regarding information about the purchase of a particular commodity or item for your municipality, political subdivision, or school district.

Contract Listings
Click this link to see a list of all the Master Agreement contracts that have been established by the State of Maine.  Master Agreements are contracts that have been set up for a specific period of time, where one vendor (or a limited number of vendors) has been selected to provide a certain range of goods or services to the State (for example, a range of “office supplies”).  Upon opening this page, you will see a column at the far right of the list, entitled “Municipalities”.  If there is a “Y” in that column, then it means that the vendor for that Master Agreement has agreed to provide municipalities, political subdivisions, and school districts in Maine with the same or similar pricing and terms as have been offered to State of Maine agencies.

The Department of Corrections five (5) adult facilities offer the following industries program products and services that could provide real value and cost savings for other state agencies and municipalities.

Maine Correctional Industries Products and Services: BOP Information (doc) & Sample of Refurbished Job (doc)