Temporary Staffing Services

Statewide Contracts for Temporary Staffing Services

On June 27, 2016, The Division of Procurement Services released award announcement letters to vendors who submitted proposals under RFP #201604090. The purpose of this RFP was to supply all State departments and agencies with Temporary Staffing Services. In order to accommodate Maine’s significant volume of Temporary Staffing needs across all departments, multiple awards were made. Currently, four different vendors hold master agreements. Through these agreements, State agencies are able to efficiently procure Temporary Staffing services through the process indicated below.

Contracted Vendor Rankings

Vendor Name Cost Rank Overall Rank
Atlantic Staffing 1 3
Tri State Staffing 2 4
Project Staffing 3 2
Manpower 4 1

“Cost” is ranked 1 to 4 in order of lowest overall cost (1) to highest overall cost (4). All of the State of Maine’s contracted vendors offer high quality services, but the vendors were evaluated based upon their proposal responses.

“Overall” table above shows the rank of each vendor, with the highest rank (1) earning the most points through the evaluation process. The vendors’ Overall Rank results from the total points awarded to each vendor proposal was a combination of all four factors.

“Organization Qualifications & Experience” was allocated 25 of the 100 points. “Proposed Services” was allocated 35 of the 100 points.

“Cost” was allocated 25 of the 100 points. The cost information was made by applying a weighted rating for Category I – Office Environment - State Identified Resource and Temp Provider Identified Resource - totaling the combined weighted calculations.

“Economic Impact” was allocated 15 of the 100 points

Manufacturer Name
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Atlantic Staffing

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Amendment #1

Project Staffing
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Tri State Staffing

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Vendor Pricing (PDF)
Click the link above to compare the Service Category Pricing offered by contracted vendors.

Contact Information and Instructions (Word)

Temp Form (MS Word) UPDATED 8/26/2019 - This form must accompany contracts for temporary staffing services being proposed for approval. It can also be found on the forms page.