The Division of Procurement Services reviews, processes, and approves over 8,000 service contracts for Departments in the Executive and Judicial Branches of State Government. Contracts finalized on or after February 28, 2022 can be found through Vendor Self Service (VSS) using the search feature. Contracts processed from January 2013 through February 2022 can be found within the Contract Search Portal and by using the search features described below. If you have difficulty using the search features, please call us at 207-624-7340, and our staff can assist you.

Search Database

Service Contract Search - Instructions


Tips for searching documents:

  • The left portion of DocuWare will display all the document’s index values that you can search for. Enter data in one or more fields to narrow the search for your document, then select the “Search” button (orange button).
  • Use as many search fields as possible for the best (i.e., most precise) results.
  • There are dropdown lists available – Start typing into a “search bar” or click on the “dropdown/caret” icon on the right side.
  • If you search with nothing in the fields, it will return all records within the system.
  • Range Searches – You can search a date range or any numeric fields.
  • Wildcard search can be used by entering an asterisk (*) before text, after text or between text.
  • Type an X in the date field for today’s date.

NOTE: In order to see a copy of the contract you are searching for, double-click on the entry displayed. A drop-down menu will appear by right-clicking on a document,  giving you the option of downloading or printing the selected file. Also, remember to RESET your Search between searches.


Detailed User Guide: Procurement Services - DocuWare User Guide (PublicPortal).pdf



  • This is the number assigned in the State of Maine financial system, also known as the "Advantage" or "CT" (contract) number.
    • If you know part of or all of the number, click on the “Number” field, enter the number and then click on the orange “Search” button.
    • OR
    • Enter the year, asterisk “*”, and the last 4 numbers (Example: 2017*1234). Or you can enter the first 8 and the last 4 digits (Example: 20170123*1234).


  • This is the State of Maine Department that created the contract.
  • If you know the Department you want to search for, click on the "Department" field, enter the Department code, and then click the orange “Search” button (Example: 01A, 02A, etc.). If you don't know the letter, you can enter an asterisk (*) after the code (Example: 03*), then click the “Search” button.


  • This is where you will type the vendor’s name into the “Vendor” search bar. There are two ways of doing this:
    • If you know who the vendor is, type in the vendor’s name (Example: Maine General Medical Center), then click the orange “Search” button.
    • If you don't know the whole name, type in “Maine*” and then click the “Search” button.


  • The wildcard (*) character will not work in this space.
  • This is where you will type the exact dollar amount of the contract, then click on “Search.”
    • Enter the dollar amount then click the “Search” button.
    • If you know the exact amount, type it without a dollar sign or commas. (Example: 17450.84), then click the “Search” button.
    • You can also search by amount range, utilizing the two fields.

Date_Entered & Created_Date

  • The wildcard (*) character will not work in these fields.
  • This is where you can enter the earliest or latest date the contract was entered/created within this search website. (It is not the start date of the contract itself.)
  • Date ranges require a begin date and end date. (Enter the same date into each field to look for documents containing that one specific date.)

These search options can work as a "between and including two dates" search.

  • Example: Begin date: 1/1/2013; End date: 12/31/2013.