Net-Off Invoice (NOI) Program

Net-Off Invoice is a program available to school food administrators to order approved processed food from a distributor and then be billed at the net price. The net price is determined by reducing the agreed-upon full price by the value of USDA food in the item. Maine schools are allowed to use the NOI program as often as they like as long as they have allotment.

NOI Calculations for SY 2021:

The following spreadsheets are in excel -xlxs:

Dennis Paper NOI Item List 

PFG NOI Items List

SYSCO NOI Items List

To use the NOI program, SFAs must set up a user account online with either Processor Link or K12 Food Services. Once an account is set up, SFAs can track orders, allotment balances and verify sales of purchases.

Why Should My District Participate in the NOI Program?

The NOI program allows districts to:

  • Purchase weekly instead of one big monthly delivery
  • Purchase products on months commodities are not available
  • Ensure they utilize all of their PAL
  • Consistently have product when commodity dollars run out
  • Have a wider selection of products
  • Pick distributor of their choice

The NOI program does not penalize districts for using or not using NOI products.

Raw Products and Proposed Manufactures for NOI

  • Cheese: Gilardi, Land of Lakes, Schwans,Tasty Brands, Tyson
  • Chicken: GoldKist - Pilgrams Pride, Rich Chicks, Tyson
  • Eggs: Cargill Kitchen Solutions
  • Fish: Trident
  • Potato: Basic American - white, McCain - white and sweet 
  • Flour: Richs
  • Peanut Butter: JM Smuckers
  • Apples: National Food Group
  • Tomatoes: Red Gold

There are several items a manufacturer produces from commodity product. Not all items are carried by all distributors. Ask your sales rep for their NOI catalog.

Processor Link

The following food manufacturers are supported through Processor Link:

  • Cargill Kitchen Solutions
  • Land O Lakes
  • McCain
  • National Food Group
  • Pilgrim's Pride
  • Schwan's
  • Tasty Brands
  • Trident
  • Rich Chicks
  • Rich's Flour

K12 Food Service

The following food manufacturers are supported through K12 Food Service:

  • Basic American
  • ConAgra Gilardi
  • JM Smuckers
  • Red Gold
  • Tyson Foods




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For more information or questions about NOI please contact a Child Nutrition staff member.