Food Distribution Program

Federal child nutrition programs support American agricultural producers by providing cash reimbursements for meals served in schools, but also by providing nutritious, USDA purchased food to the following nutrition programs:

  • National School Lunch Program
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program
  • Summer Food Service Program

Section 6 of the National School Lunch Act, Section 416 of the Agricultural Act of 1949, and Section 32 of Public Law 74-320 designate funds for such purchases. A contractual agreement made with each state provides for a distributing agency and for the implementation of USDA rules and regulations.

USDA food may also be processed, with the approval of the state, into other products desired by schools. Such products may include bread products, pizzas and salad dressings. The products are sold and distributed just as any other commercial product except that schools receive a discount equal to the value of USDA Foods involved, known as net off invoice.

If you have questions regarding the USDA Food Distribution Program, please contact a member of the Child Nutrition staff. 

Food Distribution Program (FDP) - CNPWeb

CNPWeb Log in and User Manual

Helpful Hints for CNPWeb

New Terms Old Terms or Definitions
Sponsor District
Location Agency
Annual Survey Annual Order
Surplus Extras
End Product Brown Box Items
Raw Product Product sent out to be processed for NOI
Entitlement PAL, amount of funds for USDA Food by Sponsor
Month The month product is scheduled for delivery to the warehouse


  • Entitlement is provided to the Sponsor/District level
  • Sponsor/District needs an approved yearly agreement in order to place the annual survey
  • DOD is available under fruit category
  • NOI products still available and by weight
  • Month indicated is the month into the warehouse

 USDA Foods Price Per Case

Net off Invoice (NOI) Program

Net-Off Invoice is a program available to school food administrators to order approved processed food from a distributor and then be billed at the net price. The net price is determined by reducing the agreed-upon full price by the value of USDA food in the item. Maine schools are allowed to use the NOI program as often as they like as long as they have allotment.

Fresh Fruits & Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFVORS) 

FFAVORS Web Ordering Manual

Deliveries are being made by Native Maine out of Westbrook.

Orders must be placed at least 3 full days in advance.  To utilize your PAL money, orders have to be placed in FFAVORS. Unless other arrangements have been made, there are no Monday or Friday deliveries to schools. 



  • Once added to FFAVORS, an email notification is sent to the user with step by step instructions on how to create the eAuthentication account, without a user profile access will be denied.
  • If you have problems accessing FFAVORS please contact the FFAVORS help desk.

IDs and Passwords

For access to FFAVORS, your  Account Manager must establish a user profile for each new user within FFAVORS. 

School Year 2022 USDA Foods Delivery Schedule 

Make sure you have someone available to receive your products and that your shipping information is correct.

The contract states: "RAs must accept deliveries from 7:00 A.M. until 3:30 P.M., Monday thru Friday with the exception being holidays and school vacations. SB will work with RAs to avoid deliveries at inappropriate or inconvenient times (such as, meal service time)."


Delivery Period - September - June
SY 2021          







 Per Case 


Per Case


Per Case


 $  2.63


 $  2.50


 $  5.13


 $  2.65


 $  2.00


 $  4.65


 $  2.65


 $  2.00


 $  4.65

Distributor Charges for Storage and Delivery 

PFG North-Center is the distribution company for USDA Foods. 

USDA Resources
Food Service Committee


Kathy Allen - RSU 79/MSAD 1
Ellen Demmons - RSU 21
Tina Fabian - RSU 3
Jodi Fournier - RSU 4
David Leighton - RSU 19
Vanessa Richardson - RSU 57
Paula Rouillard - Auburn
Michael Sanborn - Gorham

Food Service Committee Goals and Objectives:

  • Committee will use the most cost-effective method to meet. This may be a conference call, web based conference, or other efficient method.
  • Committee will be chaired by DOE.
  • Members will supply information from their geographic area. Information should include likes and dislikes and general comments.
  • Ensure the efficient use of USDA money, by suggesting and choosing the best products offered by USDA.
  • Share information to increase the likelihood that districts within the state get quality products that they can use and that are accepted by students.
  • Collaborate on developing/sharing creative regional recipes to utilize USDA foods.
  • Engage districts throughout the state and share ideas on the use, preparation, storage and strategies and/or timelines to spend all their PAL Entitlement.
  • Suggest a method to collect information on products that districts throughout the state prefer and don’t prefer.
  • Suggest methods or some incentive for completing and returning the Annual Survey report.

The Committee meets twice a year. Members must participate in person, through telephone or web based conference in order to remain active.

For more information or questions about Maine's USDA Foods Program please contact a Child Nutrition staff member.