Troop B

Troop B

If you have in interest in a career as a Maine Trooper please contact Trooper Victoria KnightTrooper Connor Willard, Trooper David Lemieux, or Trooper Tyler Nadeau by clicking on their name or by calling 1-207-624-7076

Troop B serves the citizens and visitors of Androscoggin, Cumberland, and Oxford Counties. Portland, Lewiston, Bethel, Fryeburg and The Sebago Lake Region are some of the areas within the Troop.

The Troop consists of 1 Lieutenant, 3 Sergeants and 22 Troopers who provide law enforcement services in towns that do not have their own police department. When at full-compliment the Troop has 27 Troopers. The Troop is supported by 1 administrative assistant.

Troop B works closely with local and county law enforcement throughout the area. In all three counties that Troop B works in, there are agreements with the Sheriff's Departments to ensure that services are delivered in the most efficient manner possible. This allows both agencies to be more effective and fosters strong working relationships.

Whether it is conducting a burglary investigation, or traffic enforcement, responding to a domestic violence complaint or speaking to a community group, the Troopers of Troop B strive, always, to provide the highest and most professional level of service possible in keeping with the core values of the Maine State Police. 

Commanding Officer:
Lt. Kevin Burton


1 Game Farm Road
Gray, Maine 04039
Phone: 207-624-7076 
Fax: 207-657-5748

Integrity * Fairness * Compassion * Excellence