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Our core function is to ensure that Maine citizens have access to safe and reliable utility services at rates that are just and reasonable for customers and public utilities, while also helping achieve reductions in state greenhouse gas emissions. We strive to keep you informed of important proceedings, decisions and events that will impact your electric, gas, telephone and water service and rates.

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Important Announcements

​​​​​Covid-19 Guidelines for the Public or Intervenors Attending Commission Sessions in Person

The Commission follows Maine state government rules regarding Covid-19.  If you are not vaccinated, you must wear a mask while in the Commission building.  If you are vaccinated, a mask is not required, although encouraged in confined spaces.  Please allow plenty of space between others in the room.

Masks have been placed in all conference rooms to ensure that they are always available.  Please contact Amy Dumeny at 207-287-3831 should you have any questions regarding the Commission's Covid-19 guidelines.  

Worried about energy bills?

  • Mainers who are at risk of losing their home due to the pandemic may now apply for assistance through the Homeowner Assistance Fund through the Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection.  Applicants may apply for up to $25,000 in mortgage benefits, including up to $15,000 in property tax relief and up to $10,000 in utility relief.  You may start the application process at www.maine.gov/homeassist/
  • Need help with your utility bills?  Not sure where to start?  You can access a comprehensive list of resources at www.MaineElectricHelp.com
  • Having difficulty paying rent or utilities? You may benefit from the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.  Applicants must meet certain income guidelines and must have experienced reduced income or other financial hardship due to the coronavirus pandemic.  Applications are available online at mainehousing.org/covidrent or by calling MaineHousing at 1-800-452-4668. 

Filing Public Comments

You may file written comments in any Commission case via the Commission’s Case Management System, CMS. Written comments in a case (or Docket) will be considered in any final Commission decision. These comments are part of the official case file.  Comments that contain offensive language, including threats to Commission staff or profanity, will be deleted from the case/docket and will not be considered as part of the case.  Confidential information should not be included in comments, as comments can be viewed by the general public, including the news media.  

Renewable Energy

  • Maine Green Power allows Maine electric customers to choose clean, local renewable energy for their home or business. The program allows Mainers to match their electric use with green power produced in Maine.
  • Community Solar or Shared Net Energy Billing programs allow customers to share or "subscribe" to a portion of a small renewable generation project.  These projects must register with the PUC if they intend to market directly to customers.  A full list of registered project sponsors can be found at https://apps.web.maine.gov/online/aeviewer/ME/9/list.html

Intervenor Funding in Commission Proceedings

Intervenor funding may be provided to qualifying organizations for participation in Commission proceedings to cover the cost of expert witnesses, attorney fees and other reasonable expenses under Chapter 840 of the Commission Rules.  A determination on whether an intervenor is eligible for compensation will be made by the Commission consistent with these Rules.  The Commission will be updating these rules due to a new law passed by the Legislature.  Please contact Harry Lanphear at 207-287-1353 with any questions.