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*NOTE:  All telephone utilities (ILECs, CLECs and IXCs) and Qualified Telecommunications Providers (QTP) are required to file with the PUC an Annual Report containing their 2022 results.  In order to allow the PUC to be able to calculate the assessment amount for each telephone utility or QTP for the 2024 assessment, telephone utilities and QTPs must report their 2023 “gross intrastate operating revenues,” whether or not those revenues were derived from filed rates.  For QTPs, there is no change in the definition of revenues subject to assessment.  The cover letters for the ILEC and the CLEC/IXC/QTP Annual Report contain additional information and definitions.

In addition, all telephone utilities and QTPs should file the PUC Contact Information Form with up-to-date contact information.  This form is available on the PUC web site and is filed electronically.  All telephone utilities and QTPs must continue to report their retail intrastate revenues each quarter to the PUC Joint Fund Administrator: Solix, Inc.  Instructions are available on the web site.

Competitive Local Exchange Carrier/Interexchange Carrier/Qualified Telecommunications Provider  (CLEC/IXC/QTP)