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For developers, marketers and project sponsors with questions, please send them via email to:  Staff will consider and anonymize your question and provide updated responses here: Frequently Asked Questions June 9, 2022 (PDF)

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Disclosure Forms


Contracts were filed in case 2019-00197 (AMENDMENTS TO CHAPTER 313 - NET ENERGY BILLING)

The links below are the most recent versions as of 11.1.2020.  Developers are responsible for reviewing the case file and confirming with the utilities to ensure that they are working with the most recent version.

C&I Tariff Calculation workpapers

Other documents

Related Commission Decisions

The Commission issues inquiries, rules and interpretations on various topics around developing renewables, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards (RPS).  Below are links to select commission decisions, rulings and orders.





For consumer-related issues, please see the Resources for Consumers page here.