Information for Electricity Suppliers

Staff have made corrections to the 2023 CEP Supplier reporting form and the current version is 9.3. These corrections apply to the 2023 Supplier reporting form which is due July 1, 2024. Reports submitted in 2023 for 2022 activity and all prior years are not affected. Aggregator/Brokers are also unaffected. If you are a Supplier and have already submitted your report this year for 2023 activity using reporting form version 9.1 or 9.2 and did not encounter any errors, then there is no need to re-submit your report using the new version. If you have not yet submitted your report this year for 2023 activity, then please use the most recent version.

Compliance with Renewable Portfolio Standard

CEP 2023 Annual Report

The CEP Annual Report template format has been changed –  do not use templates from previous years.  The reports should be filed in MS Excel.

Alternative Compliance Payment Rates 2023

  • Class I  $50
  • Class IA $50
  • Class II  $5
  • Thermal  $25