Community-based Renewable Energy Pilot Program

During the 2009 session, the Legislature enacted An Act To Establish the Community-based Renewable Energy Pilot Program (Act), P.L. 2009, ch. 329. Part A of the Act establishes a pilot program, administered by the MPUC, to provide incentives for the development of community-based renewable projects. These projects must be “locally owned electricity generating facilities” (51% or more of the facility must be owned by “qualifying local owners”) and must not exceed 10 MW. The Commission has received the following requests for certification as a qualifying community-based renewable project.

On June 22 2015 the Legislature adopted P.L. 2015 ch. 232, An Act to Amend the Community-based Renewable Energy Program” (Act). The Act makes several changes to the existing Community-based Renewable Energy Program. Among other changes, Section 5 of the Act requires that the Commission review all projects that have been certified under the Program but have not yet reached commercial operations to determine whether those projects are reasonably likely to achieve commercial operations by December 31, 2018 (Viability Assessment). For those projects the Commission determines will not be viable by that date, the Act states that the Commission must revoke any contract awarded, but that the projects will remain certified as defined in §4(B) of Chapter 325 of the Commission’s Rules. This Report to the Legislature describes the program in more detail.

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Docket Number Applicant Order
2010-65 Fox Islands Wind, LLC Word
2010-141 Exeter Agri-Energy, LLC (fka Stonyvale, Inc.) PDF
2010-176 Maine Renewable Energy Consortium Word
2011-50 Jonesport Wind Power, LLC Word
2011-78 Lubec Wind Power, LLC Word
2011-154 Pisgah Mountain, LLC PDF
2012-238 Good Will Hinckley School PDF
2012-00556 ReVision Energy, LLC; Unity College PDF
2012-00535 Revision Energy, LLC; Riding to the Top Therapeutic Riding Stables PDF
2012-00548 Lewiston-Auburn Water Pollution Control Authority PDF
2013-00216 Goose River Hydro, Inc. PDF
2013-00385 Shamrock Partners, LLC PDF
2013-00409 Maine Woods Pellets PDF
2013-00387 Clinton Agri-Energy, LLC PDF
2010-141 Exeter Agri-Energy, LLC Expansion (fka Stonyvale, Inc.) PDF
2013-00398 Bryant Mountain Wind Power, LLC PDF
2011-00050, 2011-00078, 2011-00150 Jonesport Wind, LLC PDF
2013-00517 Peaked Wind (Denial) PDF
2016-00294 Pittsfield Solar, LLC PDF
2015-00299 Georges River Energy, LLC PDF

Awarded Contracts