Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund

This Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund (MTEAF or the Fund), requires that voice network service providers must contribute to the MTEAF, establishes the reporting and payment requirements that must be followed by the contributing entities to the MTEAF, and establishes the criteria for use of the Fund to meet the guidelines contained in 35-A M.R.S. §7104-B. Pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter, all voice network service providers, as defined in this Chapter, shall report the number of their active voice exchange lines or their number of active voice customers who maintain a registered location in Maine, or whose place of primary use is in Maine, shall contribute into the MTEAF, and may recover their contributions from their customers.

MTEAF, Chapter 285, Rule Change Notice

To All Carriers Reporting to MTEAF:

On February 6, 2018 the Maine Public Utilities Commission adopted changes to the MTEAF rule, Chapter 285. This new rule means that the calculation of the MTEAF contribution amount will change from a percentage of intrastate retail revenue to a monthly amount per line, per number, or per customer that does not exceed 21 cents. Additionally, the reporting service provider shall not report more than twenty-five lines or numbers per active Billing Account Number and the assessment only applies to active voice lines, not lines used only for data or Internet access. The new rule takes effect on July 1, 2018 for the reporting period of July to September 2018 (Q3 2018), which will be reported by October 15, 2018. For your reference, attached are the Order Amending the Rule as well as the Amended Rule itself.

The rate will be 21 cents per line per number per month.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Michael Tamburino at Solix.

Michael Tamburino
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The Maine School and Library Network (MSLN) is the primary beneficiary of the MTEAF.

Maine Telecommunications-Education-Access-Fund pie chart, Information in table below

Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund

  • Transport Services, $2,735,433
  • Library Content Databases, $597,001
  • Operational Services, $403,176 
  • Technical Services, $164,799
  • Internet Access Services, $66,250
  • Fund Administrator, $34,242

Maine School and Library Network

The Maine School and Library Network (MSLN) has been in operation since 1996. Today, MSLN provides internet access to approximately 950 schools and libraries statewide. MSLN is paid for using a combination of funding from the Federal E-Rate program (approximately 60% of the cost) and the Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund (MTEAF) (approximately 40% of the cost). Funds are generated through an assessment on interstate phone bills for the Federal E-Rate portion and on intrastate bills for the MTEAF portion. The Legislature authorized the creation of the MTEAF in 1999 (35-A M.R.S.A. § 7104-B). The rule implementing the Maine Telecommunications Education Access Fund is Chapter 285 (DOC).

Annual Proposal of Dept. of Education and the State Library Filed Pursuant to Chapter 285(4)

Docket Budget Year Date Approved
2021-00076 2021-2022 3/8/2022
2020-00063 2020-2021 4/22/2020
2019-00072 2019-2020 5/1/2019
2018-00047 2018-2019 3/26/2018
2017-00082 2017-2018 6/5/2017
2016-00045 2016-2017 5/5/2016
2015-00056 2015-2016 6/2/2015
2014-00018 2014-2016 9/25/2014
2013-00116 2013-2014 3/8/2013
2011-00462 2012-2013 7/6/2012
2010-00385 2011-2012 2/1/2011