Choice For Commercial & Industrial Customers

Commercial customers may choose to receive both transportation and commodity gas service as a bundled product. Details for this service can be found in the individual companies' Terms and Conditions available on the Commission's CMS System or on the utility's web pages - see links below.

In addition to Sales service, unbundled (i.e. transportation-only) service is also available to all commercial and industrial customers according to the specific terms of each of the gas utilities' Terms and Conditions of service in the following specific sections:

  • Bangor Gas - Section V
  • Maine Natural Gas - Section C
  • Northern Utilities d/b/a Unitil - Section IV-A
  • Summit Natural Gas of Maine - Transportation Service, Pages 60-78.

While we maintain a list of registered suppliers, the fact that a company is registered with us does not guarantee that they will be willing or able to provide service when asked. Please contact us if you have difficulty reaching the suppliers under the information listed to assist us in keeping the list up-to-date.

Currently Registered Suppliers