Service Quality Index (SQI)

The Commission's authority over service quality for Provider of Last Resort (POLR) Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILECs) is covered in Title 35-A M.R.S. §7225 and §7225-A. Chapter 201 of the Commission's rules outlines the responsibilities of POLR ILECs.

As a result of legislative changes in 2015, Maine's POLR ILECs are separated into two categories for the purposes of service quality reporting: Price Cap ILECs and Non-Price Cap ILECs.

A Price Cap ILEC is defined as an incumbent local exchange carrier that agreed to accept Connect America Fund Phase II support pursuant to the Federal Communications Commission's Report and Order released on December 18, 2014. A Non-Price Cap ILEC has the same definition as a traditional ILEC that is not a Price Cap ILEC.

The quarterly service quality information for Price Cap ILECs is considered confidential unless a Price Cap ILEC fails to meet the same SQI metric for two consecutive calendar quarters. Commission rules state that an investigation must be opened and the SQI results for the metric or metrics must be made public.

Below please find a listing of docketed case(s) that have been opened for Price Cap ILECs that have failed to meet one or more metrics. Please also find a link to the publicly available service quality reports for the Non-Price Cap ILECs.

Non-Price Cap ILEC Service Quality Information

Quarterly service quality reports for each of Maine's 20 Non-Price Cap ILECs may be found by clicking the link below:

Non-Price Cap ILEC Public Service Quality Reports

Price Cap ILEC Service Quality Information

Docket Case Opened Price Cap ILEC Attachments
2018-00319 10/30/2018 Consolidated Communications/FNE/Northern New England Telephone/D/B/A FariPoint Communications