General Information for Electricity Suppliers
This link provides detailed information for electricity suppliers about Licensing and Contracting, the Standard Offer, Maine Regulations, Portfolio Requirements and Disclosure Labels, and Settlement Information.

Licensing Requirements
This section provides more specific information about licensing requirements to become a CEP under the Commission's Chapter 305 rule.

List of Competitive Electricity Providers
This link provides information on retail electricity providers doing business in Maine.

Standard Offer Information
The Standard Offer Rate is the default rate determined by the PUC through a competitive auction. As a consumer, it is important to compare the Standard Offer Rate to the rate and terms offered by a CEP. This link details the Standard Offer Rates in the different investor owned and consumer owned electricity territories.

Customer Migration Statistics
Information in this section shows trends of customers migrating from the Standard Offer to a CEP.

Standard Offer Solicitations (Including Current RFPs)
This page includes current and historical information about the Standard Offer Bid Solicitation.

Service Form Templates
This section provides small customer protection forms to be used by CEPs as outlined in Section 4B of Chapter 305.