Administrative and Procurement Reviews

The Administrative Review and Procurement Reviews are now on a five year cycle and conducted concurrently.  Follow-up reviews and high risk districts reviews may be necessary in addition to the five year cycle. 

SY 2021 Review Schedule

Please see the School Review Schedule SY 2021 (pdf) to mark your calendar and use the following documents to prepare for the review process.

NOTE: Due to findings, complaints, or other information provided to the state agency additional reviews may be added.

Preparing for Reviews

Required Documents to Submit for the Administrative Review

In SY20 Child Nutrition implemented a new online review process using CNP Web;  The Off-Site Tool and Corrective Action will be completed using this system.  User names are first initial and last name all lowercase (aackroyd) and the password at first login is “Password1”. After the first login, you will be prompted to change your password. If you are unable to login, please contact Pam at Below is an Administrative Review Quick Guide with directions and screenshots on how to use this new tool.

Required Document to Submit for the Procurement Review

  • SY 2021 SFA Procurement Review Packet
  • SY 2020 Vendor Paid list for the School Nutrition Department
  • The District/School Nutrition Department's Procurement Code of Conduct
  • The District/School Nutrition Department's Procurement Procedures

The following information will be requested after the above documents have been reviewed:

  • Copies of selected invoices
  • Documentation to support informal purchases (micro-purchases and/or small purchases)
  • Documentation to support formal purchases (solicitation documents, contracts, evaluation documents etc.)


    Coming Soon - Administrative Review Training for SY 2021

    For more information regarding Procurement, please visit the Procurement section of our Financial page.