Lake Whitefish

Lake Whitefish

Common Name: Lake Whitefish

Other Names: Whitefish

Scientific Name: Coregonus clupeaformis

Origin: Native

Adult Size: Whitefish are normally 14-20 inches long and weigh 1-3 pounds, but can reach lengths of 25 inches and over 6 pounds. A number of lakes contain populations of "dwarf" size fish where mature adult whitefish attain lengths of only 6-8 inches.

Identification: Overall coloration is silvery dark brown to black on the back, becoming silvery on the sides and silvery white below. The fins are generally black or black tipped. Scales are large. The body is somewhat laterally compressed. Lake whitefish are easily distinguished from fallfish (chub) by having a small mouth and the presence of a small adipose fin located on the back between the dorsal and caudal fins. A related species, the round whitefish is light brown on the back becoming silvery on the side. It has a more cylindrical body shape than the lake whitefish.